Veganuary is yummy: fill your tummy!

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We’re going all out to help vegans this month, to celebrate Veganuary. We’ve got a lot of vegan customers – and a number of vegan staff members too, who give us some great pointers about products. In our other January blogs, we’re looking at vegan beauty, lifestyle and haircare: but of course, underpinning it all, we’ve got our amazing vegan food products to tell you about!

NGF has got just what you need for a yummy Veganuary.

It’s Veganuary – and we’ve got everything you need for yummy meals.

Just the right time of the year

Veganuary is a movement that encourages us to make one month of our year vegan. And January is the perfect one to choose! It’s the month where we perhaps regret slightly some of the excesses of the Christmas period, where we feel the urge to make a new beginning, and where the gloom and damp make a diet rich in colourful, fresh ingredients seem particularly appealing.

Veganuary gives you the chance to brighten up your diet.

Banish the winter gloom with lovely fresh, colourful ingredients.

At its core, veganism is all about animal welfare. There are other, secondary, concerns too: more and more people are eating vegan because they believe it’s better for their health to avoid animal products. Others believe that it’s the cheapest way to eat. For many people, a vegan diet is part of a wider environmentally aware lifestyle.

How NGF can help vegans

We’ve got loads of products that are really popular with vegans. Take a look at these, for starters:

We like to talk to vegans!

We like to talk to vegans – and we like to talk about veganism! If you’d like to chat with us about your vegan requirements, just get in touch via the Online chat on the website, by email, or by phone. And  click on these links to see what else we’ve been saying recently about vegans!


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