Veganuary: focus on haircare

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We’re taking a look at vegan-friendly haircare products at Naturally Good Food this week. It’s Veganuary, of course – and for us, that’s not just about food. We sell a great range of vegan toiletries, which are environmentally friendly too, and often organic. Just like our food, they’re natural, good for us and a core part of our range.

We've got plenty of hair products for vegans

Let’s look at our range of vegan hair products

We’ve got shampoos and conditioners of all kinds, for all types of hair. Here’s a run-down of our vegan-friendly brands.

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature is one of our biggest toiletry brands. The company says:

‘Every Faith in Nature product is Vegan and has been registered with the Vegan Society, entitling us to use their trade mark on our products.’

These bulk bottles are a great environmentally friendly option

Faith in Nature produce 5-litre refills of shampoo and conditioner

From Faith in Nature, we have wonderfully interesting shampoos and conditioners, in a number of unique fragrances. Perhaps most importantly, we stock 5-litre refill bottles of Faith in Nature haircare products, for the most environmentally friendly option.

Green People

From Green People, we have baby shampoo, as well as proper grown-up shampoos and conditioners. With options that specialise in intensive repair, soothing irritated scalps and avoiding allergies, Green People is a really good choice for anyone who needs a sensitive product.

Essential Care (Odylique)

Our Essential Care gentle herb shampoo is completely suitable for vegans (and smells lovely, too).

More unusual products

For vegans, we’ve got some more unusual ‘haircare’ products to recommend as well.

  • Pukka’s Neem oil: a traditional Ayurvedic treatment for the scalp – vegan-friendly, of course.
  • Coconut oil: this amazingly versatile product works brilliantly for hair, as well as for skin (and of course, for eating). There are theories that the fatty acids and minerals found in coconut oil stimulate the scalp, producing longer, thicker and more healthy hair. There are claims that the oil can protect against lice, produce shiny, lustrous locks, and prevent breakage and split ends. On a more mundane level, the oil certainly makes a great de-tangler, de-frizzer and general dampener-downer of enthusiastic hair – and has a wonderful smell as well. Coconut oil is a vegan’s best friend generally, as a toiletry and as a cooking ingredient. We sell it in a variety of sizes, from a number of brands, with bulk options, too.
  • Coconut oil makes a great vegan hair product.

    Eat it, cook with it – and use it on your hair!

  • Essential oils: many vegans make their own shampoo, with soap and oil, flavouring it with essential oils. You can see our full range of essential oils here.

And finally…

  • Eat some good, proper food! You need to be healthy on the inside to have fantastic hair on the outside. The food thought to be best for great hair includes salmon, mackerel, lentils and walnuts – and a diet low in sugar.

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