Beautiful Veganuary: stay kind and beautiful this month

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At Naturally Good Food, we sell food that makes you beautiful on the inside. But we also sell products that help you stay beautiful on the outside – and we especially love those that are suitable for vegans. This Veganuary, we’d like to talk a little about those products that are not only natural, or organic, but which are produced without harming animals.

We stock vegan beauty products - just right for Veganuary.

This Veganuary, stay beautiful inside and out!

Be a beautiful vegan!

It can be hard, navigating the minefield of beauty and toiletries as a vegan. Too many major brands still make use of animal testing or animal products. Many skin creams and soaps contain animal fats; shampoos include amino acids derived from animals; lipsticks are coloured with a dye derived from insects – even a simple mascara might include beeswax.

The animal rights organisation Peta has issued a list indicating which brands tick all the right vegan boxes. They’ve also got a handy list here of animal by-products, to help you check labels. You can also, of course, look for the Vegan Society logo or the leaping bunny logo on a product.

At Naturally Good Food we stock deodorants, toothpaste, soaps, shower gels, shampoos, moisturisers, sun-cream and children’s toiletries. Let’s take a look at some of the brands we stock and their beautiful vegan credentials.

From toothpaste to deodorant, we can keep vegans happy and beautiful.

We’ve got some truly beautiful vegan beauty products.

Beaming Baby

Approved by the Vegan Society, we stock organic lotions, sponges, wipes and more from Beaming Baby. They’re as pure as your newborn!

Green People

One of our most comprehensive toiletries ranges comes from Green People, who are dedicated to producing natural, sensitive and animal-friendly products.

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature is another of our leading toiletries brands: it’s all-natural and cruelty-free and includes product ranging from handwash to body polish.


We stock a range of really interesting toothpastes from Kingfisher. They’re natural, contain no animal products and are not tested on animals.


Organii’s natural and sensitive products are certified vegan. We stock their soaps and mouthwashes.


Pitrok produce natural, pure deodorants that are suitable for vegans. They’re good for you, and the planet, in all sorts of other ways too. You might also like our Lavera vegan deodorants.


Natracare, which specialises in feminine hygiene products, has veganism as one of its fundamental principles. The products we stock from Natracare are suitable for vegans and have great environmental credentials, too.

Oleanat and Emma Noel

Our Oleanat and Emma Noel soaps are both wonderful, natural soap ranges – and suitable for vegans.

Thanks to the hard work and firm principles of the founders of these brands, it’s now a little easier for vegans to have completely clean hands. (And clean hair, teeth, faces, armpits….and so on!)



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