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Got a load of washing to do and want to make sure you do it in a natural way? Let us talk you through our wonderful planet-friendly washing and laundry products! Naturally Good Food specialises in organic, natural and ethical products – and not just food. We’ve got a great range of green household cleaning products, for every purpose.

We've got hints, tips and products for natural washing.

Got a load of washing to do? Do it the green way!

Why bother with natural washing?

Washing is one of the biggest uses of energy and water in an average family household. It’s also one of the ways in which the average family can make the biggest difference to the environment. Standard, non-environmentally-friendly washing products release harmful phosphates, petrochemical surfactants and other chemicals into our watercourses. Phosphates lead to excessive growth of algae, stifling fish and other aquatic life. Non-plant-based surfactants fail to biodegrade, threatening delicate ecosytems. Chemicals in water destroy natural aquatic life (and don’t bode well for humans either).

We stock all you need for clean, natural washing.

How green is your washing?

Natural washing products, by contrast, have been specially developed to stop this happening. Based on purely natural ingredients, and without phosphates, they produce brilliant results, without damaging the environment. They also come from companies who take great care to make sure their packaging is biodegradable and all their working practices ethical. They don’t test on animals – the ‘leaping bunny’  logo on Ecover products, or the Vegan Society logo on the Bio D brand, attest to this.

If you want to make a positive change to your environment, choosing a natural washing product is one of the easiest and best ways to do so. Here’s what we stock.

Our natural washing products

Ecover is one of the most recognisable names in natural washing. It’s committed to making a range of environmentally friendly household products, including everything you need for perfect laundry. Where fragrance is used in its laundry products, it’s based on fresh perfume from plant-based ingredients. Ecover washing products break down quickly and easily, with minimum impact on aquatic life. As you’d expect, they’re suitable for septic tanks.

We stock all the leading environmentally friendly brands.

We’ve got Ecover, Ecoleaf, Faith in Nature and Bio D, among others.

We stock Ecover’s non-biological and biological laundry liquids, as well as liquids for wool and delicate washes. These are formulated to work well at low temperatures (30C) and to be suitable for colour-fast clothes and for whites. You can see all our Ecover laundry products here. We find that our bulk Ecover products are particularly popular with our environmentally conscious customers.

A new range from Ecover is the Ecover Zero laundry range, which we stock in various sizes, up to 7.5kg packs. Ecover Zero is a fragrance-free low-allergy product perfect for sensitive skin. The product has been dermatologically tested and approved by Allergy UK. It uses only the gentlest of plant-based and mineral ingredients, has no phosphates and is fragrance-free. It also gives wonderful washing results, at the recommended temperature of 30C.

In addition, we stock laundry liquids, powders and tablets from Bio D, Ecoleaf and Faith in Nature. We’ve also got fabric conditioners, laundry bleach, nappy sanitiser and intensive stain remover. All pass the environmentally friendly test and we’re happy both to recommend them and to use them ourselves.

Tips for natural washing

As well as using our natural washing powders and liquids, we’ve got some other useful ‘natural washing’ tips.

  • Buy our washing powders and liquids in bulk. Bulk buying reduces packaging and transportation costs (both the environmental cost and the financial cost).
  • Buy concentrated or double-concentrated laundry liquids: buying your laundry liquid in a concentrated form means that you can buy a smaller product for the same quantity of washing, again, reducing packaging and transport costs.
  • Wash full loads: if your washing machine is running, make sure it’s full!
  • Use natural products: a cup of white wine vinegar added to a wash works instead of fabric softener – while lemon juice can be used as a natural bleach.

And of course – after natural washing, comes natural drying! Wherever possible, hang your washing out to dry, rather than using energy-guzzling tumble dryers. Nothing beats the smell of freshly washed sheets, dried on the line on a breezy summer’s day!



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