A sink full of green bubbles: planet-friendly washing up

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Washing up – surely one of the most satisfying household chores?! Take a pile of greasy, dirty plates, cutlery and glasses; immerse in a sink full of hot, soapy bubbles – and hey presto! you’ve got sparkling crockery and glassware, ready to use again. It’s also, of course, one of the most common household chores. Even those of us with lovely big energy-efficient dishwashers have to get the rubber gloves out a couple of times a day.

If you're on washing up duty, make sure you use one of our green options.

Rubber gloves at the ready: it’s time to wash up.

But is your wonderfully clean washing up actually making things dirtier further down the line? Is your washing-up water damaging your environment? Or are you already great at green washing up?

What’s wrong with ordinary washing up liquid?

Most of us use ordinary washing up liquid. It gets stuff clean, yes, but it can be pretty nasty stuff in itself. Full of synthetic chemicals and preservatives, which fail to biodegrade, it damages the delicate ecosystems found in our waterways. It’s also generally packed with synthetic perfumes and other irritants, causing problems for many allergy sufferers.

At Naturally Good Food, we know that you can be green as you clean. We stock a great range of environmentally friendly washing up liquids and dishwasher products. We believe that anything you swill down your sink should be perfectly safe to enter your drainpipe, so we look out for mild, plant-based, biodegradable liquids, which produce great results.

Our planet-friendly washing products are green in other ways too. Their packaging is biodegradable wherever possible, and the companies themselves operate in as green a way as possible (Ecover, for example, offers incentives to its employees to cycle to work. These reportedly go beyond simply telling them all to ‘get on their bikes’.)

Naturally Good Food’s washing up liquids

These washing up liquids are available in family-sized bottles and in bulk. They work brilliantly well (we use them ourselves throughout the building) and they clean your conscience as well as your dishes.

Approved by Allergy UK, this is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Ecover Zero washing up liquid – fragrance free, for sensitive skin.

Our green dishwasher products

If you use a dishwasher as well as washing up, don’t let the side down here. Naturally Good Food has a great range of green dishwasher products as well. These ensure that your dishes are left sparklingly clean, but do so without releasing harmful chemicals into the environment. We’re particularly fond of the dishwasher gel, which allows you to put just the right amount of cleaner into your machine. We’ve got:

Our products give wonderfully clean and green results.

Environmentally friendly rinse aid – for sparkling glasses

Anything else?

We also stock If you Care’s sponge cloths, which make an environmentally friendly alternative to standard sponges and cloths.

And we’ve got Veggi Wash, designed for washing your fruit and vegetables. Entirely tasteless (in the nicest possible way), this ensures your fruit and veg are washed clean of residues.


Do say: Out, damned spot! Don’t say: All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this pile of dishes.




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