The best ingredients for the best pancakes

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We provide the best ingredients for the best pancakes. How many of them subsequently get stuck to the ceiling, we can’t say – but we do know that the ones that make it to your plate couldn’t be more delicious, wholesome or nutritious. Here’s just what we can offer you this Pancake Day.

Making pancakes? We've got all you need.

We’ve got the best ingredients for the best pancakes!


Plain flour is what you need for the traditional thin pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, while self-raising flour will give you a thicker, slightly raised pancake, a little more like a cake.

Wholemeal flour will work perfectly well, either on its own or blended with white. If you’re in the mood for experimenting, you might like to try our barley flour, spelt flour, teff flour, kamut flour, brown rice flour, chestnut flour, coconut flour, einkorn flour, quinoa flour, rye flour or tapioca flour!

Gluten-free flour

If you’re avoiding gluten, you can simply use gluten-free flour in a standard recipe. This will generally give a lighter pancake. To make things super-easy, take a look at our four ‘pancake specials’: ready-to-go mixes for gluten-free pancakes.

If you’re mixing your own gluten-free pancakes, you might be particularly interested in our buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, pea flour, maize flour and teff flour. And, of course, you can make pancakes from non-floury ingredients altogether, such as bananas, pumpkins, or our silken tofu.

Starches and gums and raising agents

For home-mixed gluten-free pancakes, you’ll generally need a range of starches and gums. We’ve got, among others:

Dairy-free milk

You can make pancakes without dairy milk!

We’ve got all sorts of non-dairy milks

Dairy milk can be replaced by other kinds of milk in pancakes. Check out our full range of non-dairy milk, which includes sheep’s milk, coconut milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk, rice milk, quinoa milk, hemp milk, oat milk and soya milk.

Egg replacers

If you’re not using egg, you might be interested in one of these egg replacers:


We stock a great range of cold-pressed organic oils. Some of these give their own flavour to a pancake – like one of our stronger coconut oils, or a nut oil. Others are more neutral, such as olive oil, rapeseed oil or sunflower oil.

And toppings? For those, you’ll need tomorrow’s blog: Flippin’ great pancake toppings.


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