Happy gluten-free pancake day!

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You might be on a gluten-free diet, but there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy pancakes this Tuesday. We’ve got some great ideas for gluten-free pancakes – and this year, we’re thinking both outside the box and inside it!

Thinking inside the box

We’ve got no fewer than four boxes of gluten-free pancake mix for you. We stock mixes from respected brands: they’re tried and tested blends of suitable flours and ingredients, making foolproof proper pancakes.

Follow the instructions carefully for great gluten-free pancakes

Middleton’s: gluten-free pancake mix in a box (sort of)

  • Middleton’s gluten-free pancake and crepe mix: in their distinctive bright-yellow tubs (so, not really boxes, actually), these mixes are renowned for working perfectly, so long as you follow the instructions carefully. This mix, which makes thick or thin pancakes, is a blend of rice and buckwheat flours, with tapioca, potato and maize starches. You’ll need to add eggs and milk.
  • Amisa wholewheat pancake mix: this is a nutritionally excellent choice and makes very tasty pancakes, from wholegrain rice, millet, buckwheat and teff flours.
  • Orgran buckwheat pancake mix: this is great for making slightly thicker pancakes (like drop scones or blinis). It works equally well with eggs and milk, or with Orgran No Egg egg-replacer and vegetable oil. Buckwheat is the main flour used, with a little rice flour too.
  • Orgran apple and cinnamon pancake mix: with a lovely aroma, this makes tasty sweet pancakes. It’s a blend of maize starch and flour, with potato starch and yellow pea flour.

Thinking outside the box

Buckwheat is one of our most popular gluten-free flours

Buckwheat flour makes lovely thick pancakes

 Not keen on pancakes from a box – want to make your own from scratch? There are numerous recipes online, for which you’ll need some of our gluten-free baking ingredients. Here’s a selection of some of the amazing pancake-ready flours, starches and agents we stock:

(And you can, of course, make pancakes from ingredients other than flour. I promised a gluten-free relative that this year I’d put up one of her favourite pancake recipes. Apparently, this recipe, based on bananas, makes the very best gluten-free pancakes in the world!)

Other restrictions?

If you’re avoiding other foodstuffs, such as dairy, you might also be interested in our range of cold-pressed oils, our dairy-free milks of all kinds, and our egg replacers.

What to put on top?

We've got pancake topping ideas too.

And what to top it off with?

If you’re wondering just what to put on top of your amazing gluten-free pancakes, you need our previous blog: Flippin’ great pancake toppings!


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