Good news about gluten-free food prescriptions

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Last week the Department of Health and Social Care announced that access to gluten-free food on prescription in England would continue. This followed a national consultation period, during which there had been concerns that gluten-free food would be removed from prescription in England.

The ruling states that prescriptions will be available for gluten-free breads and for flour mixes. It applies only to England – the prescribing rules in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland remain unchanged.

Good news!

The Department’s ruling means that if you have a medical diagnosis of coeliac disease, you can obtain your gluten-free staples on prescription. It recognises the need to support those suffering from coeliac disease, as they adjust to a lifelong gluten-free diet. It’s great news for those who have been diagnosed – and for those waiting for a diagnosis.

The charity Coeliac UK campaigned heavily for access to prescriptions to be retained. It outlined the need for gluten-free food for coeliacs and commented on its cost and availability, as well as the nutritional make-up of the food that’s generally available.

Naturally Good Food supplies many pharmacies and private customers with gluten-free food on prescription. We stock gluten-free food from a number of brands, including Orgran, for which we’re the sole UK supplier. We’ve got gluten-free bread, bread mixes, flours and flour mixes – as well as a wealth of other gluten-free alternative products. With years of experience of supplying coeliacs with just what they need, our range is one of the most extensive on the web. We stock products that are high in nutrition: rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

What next?

The battle isn’t quite over. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) can still set their own, local prescribing policies. They’re not obliged to follow this guidance until it becomes regulation. However, Coeliac UK will challenge those CCGs who have limited prescriptions, following this ruling.

Solving some of the problems

Naturally Good Food is delighted to be part of the solution to the problems of a gluten-free diet. You can obtain your prescription needs from us – and can buy additional products too. We can provide gluten-free food in bulk, and also offer a case discount, with the aim of making ‘free from’ food readily available to everyone who needs, it, at the most reasonable price. Whether you’re a diagnosed coeliac, or awaiting diagnosis, we’re a good place to start your gluten-free journey!

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