Food to make you fall in love

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Vanilla. Mustard. Honey. Figs. Food for Valentine’s Day?

Our food can do just about anything. Perk you up, pick you up, boost your immune system, fill you full of vitamins and minerals – rescue you from allergic reactions. But can it make you fall in love?

We take a look at some of our food with properties that might make you fall in love...

Can our food make you fall in love?


Well, if you want to give it a try, here’s an A-Z of our food rumoured, either now or in the distant past, to have aphrodisiac qualities. I’m afraid we’re too bashful to list exactly the effects each item is supposed to have. You’ll just have to try them out for yourselves!

Almonds: the smell of almonds supposedly arouses passion in women. You can imagine that a marzipan factory could be a pretty exciting place to work. We sell loads of delicious almonds – our our organic ones are the very best: lightly fragranced, delicately creamy and with a gentle crunch. Or, if you’re in a particularly frisky mood, try our organic Lubecker marzipan, which has loads of almonds, all crushed together by strong German men.

Our organic almonds are the best.

Got enough almonds?

Artichoke: we sell artichoke hearts (ahh!), artichoke pate, artichoke dips and an artichoke food supplement. The possibilities are endless.

Blueberries: is there anything this food can’t do?

Chilli: chilli is exotic. It’s invigorating. It speeds up your heart beat and makes you sweat.

Chocolate: all that feel-good serotonin apparently works a dream.

Cinnamon: our packs of organic ground cinnamon are very popular (all-year round, not just on Valentine’s Day).

Figs: our organic figs have a lovely fragrance. I’m not going any further into their aphrodisiac properties than that.

Our dried figs have a lovely fragrance

Figs are renowned for their aphrodisiac properties

Ginger: crystallised, powdered, in syrup, tea, biscuits or to drink. Hot ginger. Very hot.

Honey: local or wild, smooth or a little rough, sticky or a bit looser, the choice is yours.

Maca powder: apparently produced unrestrained sexual desire and performance in Incan warriors. You might like to try it in this Maca Almond Tiger Nut butter from Profusion, for the tiger or Incan warrior in your life.

Mustard: we have hot and strong varieties, powder and grains.

Olive oil: believed by the Greeks to make men more virile, and undoubtedly great for you in many other ways too.

Pine nuts: high in zinc and also, really quite expensive, which for many people is a definite turn-on.

Pumpkin seeds: these are high in magnesium, which plays a role in managing testosterone in the body.

Vanilla: for a nice, clean, wholesome love-affair.

Walnuts: full of protein, iron, zinc and potassium, lots of people reckon walnuts are an aphrodisiac. (And some people think they just look a bit like one.)

And what not to eat?

Muesli, apparently. Good for you in so many ways, but it seems, originally designed to suppress the libido. Though after reading this blog, you may feel that that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

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