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The Julian Graves health food stores, well-loved by customers from Falmouth to Aviemore, sadly closed in 2012. All was not lost, however! Naturally Good Food, an online retailer of health foods, stepped into the breach to stock many products previously found in the stores.

You can see Naturally Good Food’s full range here. We’ve found that Julian Graves customers are particularly interested in the following.

Dried fruit

We're a great alternative to Julian Graves.

Looking for Julian Graves dried fruit?

Naturally Good Food has a great selection of dried fruit, both organic and non-organic. We have small packs (250g or less) and larger, more economical packs. We’ve got figs, apricots, dates, raisins, sultanas, currants, prunes (and more).


Naturally Good Food has every nut it can source, organic and non-organic, in a variety of sizes. Come to us for walnuts, almonds, Brazils, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios and others!


Seeds make an economical alternative to nuts. You can see all the Naturally Good Food seeds here – our range includes pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (great for snacks), as well as the tiny seeds like linseed, sesame, chia and hemp.

Snack packs

Naturally Good Food stocks ‘snack packs’ of nuts and dried fruit from brands such as Crazy Jack, Infinity Foods and Queenswood. These include delicious ready-to-eat dried fruit, mixed nuts and fruit, and roasted, salted and spiced nuts.

Muesli ingredients

We have the ingredients you need to make your own muesli.

Want to make your own muesli?

A big seller for Julian Graves was ingredients to make your own muesli – with some customers particularly seeking out sugar-free or gluten-free muesli. Don’t despair! Naturally Good Food has everything you need to make your own muesli: oats (including gluten-free oats), flakes and grains, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. And, of course, we stock ready-made sugar-free and gluten-free muesli too – you can view our full range here.

Christmas cake recipe

One unexpected consequence of the closure of the Julian Graves stores was that many people suddenly found themselves unable to make their Julian Graves Christmas cake recipe! We’ve had a number of queries about this, but sadly, we’ve not been able to track down the original recipe either. However, we’d point you in the direction of our very own Christmas cake recipe, which is (if we say so ourselves), just as good.

Naturally Good Food Christmas cake recipe

At Naturally Good Food, it’s our mission to bring healthy eating to the whole country. We don’t have bricks-and-mortar stores, but we can serve you at any time online!

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