What’s the healthiest gluten-free food?

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Some people on gluten-free diets are concerned that they’re not getting the right nutrition from their diets. It can be hard, once you start excluding things, to be sure that you’re still taking in the right balance of minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre. It’s easy to exclude – accidentally – entire nutritional elements!

We help customers to have healthy gluten-free diets.

What’s the healthiest gluten-free food?

The problem worsens if you’re regularly buying pre-prepared gluten-free food from the supermarkets. If you are, you probably already have a sneaking suspicion that this isn’t the best food you could possibly eat. Like all heavily processed food, gluten-free ready meals, treats and packaged snacks suffer not only from a lack of freshness, but from a dearth of vitamins and minerals. They also don’t taste all that good – unless, of course, they’re bulked out with huge amounts of salt, sugar and fat (which is a problem in itself).

At Naturally Good Food, we’re experts in helping people eat healthy gluten-free diets. We’ve got years of experience of supplying and advising customers on their ‘free from’ requirements and are listed as trusted suppliers in a number of reputable gluten-free books and websites (see, for example, Naomi Devlin’s River Cottage gluten free). We know that some of our customers suffer from coeliac disease, meaning that they can’t ingest any gluten at all. We know that others find that a diet without gluten helps with their various digestive issues. We’re aware that many people just want to move on from a diet which, in this country, tends to be heavily based around gluten.

What do we suggest?

The first thing we always suggest to anyone eating gluten-free is to get as much fresh food into their diet as they can. Fruit and vegetables, unprocessed meat and fish are all naturally gluten-free. It’s possible to have a delicious home-cooked Sunday roast, for instance, without having to worry about gluten at all!

We’d then recommend that you stock up on dry wholefoods that are also naturally gluten-free. Rice ticks the box here, as does quinoa and a number of other gluten-free grains. We stock a great selection of gluten-free products as grains, flakes, puffs and in other forms.

We recommend basing your diet on wholefoods.

Our gluten-free flakes and oats are great basics.

We’re also big sellers of gluten-free oats – porridge, jumbo, standard and organic. While standard oats don’t naturally contain gluten, they’re frequently contaminated with this during harvesting, transportation and processing. Our gluten-free oats, on the other hand, are guaranteed free of gluten. We’re so particular that if a bag develops a rip or tear in our building (which is not a gluten-free facility), we won’t send it out as ‘gluten-free’.

Don’t forget pulses in your diet, either: dry beans, peas, chickpeas and lentils. These are a great source of fibre and protein, especially for vegetarians and vegans. They’re rich in all manner of vitamins and minerals and are incredibly versatile. Best of all, they’re cheap as chips – which isn’t always the case with gluten-free products.

Prepared gluten-free foods

We know that gluten-free customers need shortcuts, just like everyone else. We’re therefore pleased to stock a great range of gluten-free flours, enabling customers to bake bread, pastry, pizzas, cakes, biscuits and everything else, without having to do the hard work of experimenting with different flours and gums themselves. These flours are generally mixtures of a number of naturally gluten-free flours – though, of course, we also stock ‘single’ gluten-free flours, such as coconut flour or ground almonds.

Take the hard work out of gluten-free cooking with a mix

This wholemeal bread mix is easy to use

We also stock a range of gluten-free mixes, for sweet and savoury products. We make sure that these contain ‘real’ ingredients, rather than weird and wonderful combinations of chemicals. So, for instance, we have a wholemeal bread mix from Orgran, which includes maize starch, sorghum and rice flour, and a pancake and crepe mix from Middletons, which is made from rice and buckwheat flour, with potato, maize and tapioca starches.

Across our range, we’ve got ready-made gluten-free products for just about every eventuality. Again, we concentrate on products and suppliers that use real ingredients and that are as healthy as possible.

Whether you’re new to eating gluten-free, or a seasoned consumer – and whether you’re an individual getting to grips with your own diet, or a business dealing with thousands of gluten-free customers – Naturally Good Food can help you eat happily and healthily, gluten-free.

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