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If you’re looking for food that’s naturally rich in antioxidants, you’ve come to the right place. At Naturally Good Food, we stock the very best wholefoods and natural foods – and that includes many products with high antioxidant levels.

NGF sells lots of antioxidant-rich food.

Which foods are richest in antioxidants?

We know that many of our customers are interested in an antioxidant-rich diet. Research indicates that antioxidant molecules can combat the effects of ‘free radicals’ in our bodies. Free radicals, which occur naturally, are unstable oxygen compounds that damage our cells and DNA. Increasingly, they’re being linked to a number of degenerative conditions and diseases.

Antioxidants can’t stop free radicals, but it seems that they can limit their production and impact, reducing the damage they cause. As food rich in antioxidants is good for you in all manner of other ways, it makes sense to eat as much of it as you can!

(If you’re concerned about taking in too many antioxidants, this experiment, conducted by BBC2’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor programme, should reassure you. As described on the webpage, the participants’ bodies absorbed just the right amount of antioxidants, with the remainder doing neither good nor harm.)

Which foods are rich in antioxidants?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for antioxidants. In particular, it’s recommended that you seek out artichokes, elderberries and coriander. Blackberries, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and grapes are also great sources, and probably slightly easier to track down. Sweet potatoes make the list too, as do pomegranates, squashes and (of course) kale. Wild salmon is a contender as well, and there’s plenty of enthusiastic research indicating that red wine is bursting with antioxidants.

Dark chocolate is just one of our antioxidant-rich foodstuffs.

Dark chocolate…perhaps our favourite antioxidant treat!

We don’t sell fresh food at Naturally Good Food, but we do have several antioxidant-rich products on our shelves. These include:

These foodstuffs might not work immediate miracles, but the reputed benefits of a diet full of antioxidants are impressive. It’s thought that these foods will result in slower aging, with particular protection for the eyes, joints, heart and brain, as well as producing more youthful-looking skin. The risk of developing the nastier diseases should lessen, meaning that as well as looking younger, our bodies should keep going for longer too.

Wondering how to incorporate all of this into your diet? We’re drawing up a handy meal plan right now – watch our blog space!

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