The ultimate antioxidant meal plan!

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It’s a bit of a challenge: how many antioxidant-rich foodstuffs and ingredients can you get into one day’s meal plan? There’s no easy answer – after all, all manner of wonderful foods are rich in antioxidants and no-one can include everything. But we thought, just for fun, that we’d have a shot at drawing up a meal plan that includes all the high-antioxidant products we sell at Naturally Good Food. We’re complementing them with fresh antioxidant-rich products, too, which you’ll have to source from elsewhere. If you’re in the mood for a food fight with your own free radicals, give it a whirl!


And drink green tea to kickstart the antioxidant meal plan

Get started with muesli and berries

A big bowl of fruit salad: soak our organic dried prunes and apricots overnight to rehydrate, then add cranberries, blueberries and a handful of goji berries.

Muesli made with a variety of whole grains, sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Green tea to drink.

Morning snack

A handful of homemade trail mix, incorporating pumpkin seeds, pecans and walnuts.


Wild salmon with kale and carrots and a spoonful or two of kidney beans.

Dark chocolate is a good snack to choose if you're trying to take in more antioxidants

A couple of squares of dark chocolate make a great antioxidant-rich snack

Mixed strawberries and grapes for dessert.

Afternoon snack

A couple of squares of dark chocolate.


Make with plenty of vegetables, coriander and turmeric.

Rich, warming and full of antioxidants – try a curry!

A vegetable curry, made with squash, sweet potatoes and tomatoes, coriander and turmeric, served with brown rice or another whole grain.

Blackberry and elderberry crumble or pie for dessert.

To drink, a glass of antioxidant-rich red wine.

Will it work?

We wouldn’t anticipate immediate miracles! But if you eat like this on a regular basis, you could expect to reap some pretty impressive rewards. Research indicates that antioxidants will make your skin more youthful, smooth out your wrinkles, improve your eye health, loosen your joints and generally lessen your chances of developing all manner of unpleasant diseases.

(And if you’re still peckish before bedtime? Well, we didn’t manage to shoehorn pomegranates, elderberries or artichokes into that plan – so choose those for a quick snack…)

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