Pretty presents: organic and natural toiletries

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A lot of the products we sell at Naturally Good Food are pretty workaday. Sacks and boxes of rice, grains, nuts and seeds leave our building on heavy pallets every evening, as we encourage our customers to adopt a hearty wholefood diet, buying in bulk wherever they can. It’s all a bit sensible-shoes-and-waterproofs, really.

But there is another side to Naturally Good Food! As well as our world-beating wholefoods range, we stock other, smaller products that tick our ethical boxes too. We’ve got a whole section given over to natural and organic toiletries, for instance – and some of them are simply wonderful. Delicate, pretty and fragrant, we just don’t talk about them enough. But here they are: our simply lovely toiletry products. If you’re looking for a present, why not add one to your order?

This Mother's Day, why not buy one of our luxury toiletry products as a present?

We’ve got great toiletry products – perfect for presents.


We stock organic and natural ‘whole soaps’ from a range of suppliers. Nothing like the plain old blocks you can buy anywhere, these fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, melting smoothly and cleanly and keeping their shape well. With amazing natural aromas, they’re good for the skin too. Why not try one of our Oleanat or Emma Noel soaps (the hotel-bathroom-style cube soap is particularly unusual) – or the Caurnie rose or lavender varieties?

We've also got Oleanat and Caurnie soaps.

Emma Noel makes wonderful organic soaps.

Bath and shower gel

We’ve got bath and shower gels in some great, interesting ‘flavours’, ringing the changes on the usual supermarket options. They’re produced in environmentally friendly ways and are as kind to animals as they are to nature in general. Their price tag reflects the care that’s gone into devising them, making them the perfect luxury present. If we had to choose just two, we’d plump for Faith in Nature’s Chocolate Foam Bath and Green People’s organic Aloe Vera and Lavender Shower Gel.

Fancy moisturisers

Our moisturisers are organic, wonderfully smooth and designed for sensitive skin. We particularly like Essential Care’s subtle cream rose organic moisturiser and Faith in Nature’s Replenishing Moisturising Cream.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil in small jars makes a pretty little present.

Coconut oil is a great foodstuff, but also a wonderful toiletry product.

Coconut oil is a food, yes, but it’s also a toiletry. You can use it on your hair, to condition, strengthen, defrizz and straighten it. You can use it to improve dental health (some people add it to homemade toothpaste mixes; others use it for ‘oil-pulling’). It makes a great moisturiser, naturally, and is believed to improve the condition of skin and nails when massaged into the body.

Equally importantly (as far as this blog is concerned), it looks gorgeous! You can buy it in beautiful little pots, as well as bulk tubs. Shimmering and translucent, like liquid mother of pearl, it’s a wonderful thing simply to sit and admire. For a present, we’d suggest that the Biona glass jars are the prettiest.

Click here to see our full range of toiletries – for everyday and for special days.

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