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We’ve got many resident hares and rabbits in the fields surrounding Naturally Good Food – and yes, we’ve given them all names. About this time of year, we get a visit from one of their leaders: the Easter bunny! This year, he’s left us a small selection of great speciality Easter eggs, as well as some more unusual Easter and chocolate-themed goodies. Buy them quick, before we eat them all…

Take a look at our great Easter eggs and chocolate goodies.

What has the Easter bunny left for us this year?


Dairy-free Easter eggs

At Naturally Good Food we specialise in organic, wholefood and free from foods and are proud to stock a great selection of dairy-free chocolate goods. This Easter, we’ve got some lovely dairy-free chocolate eggs, just right for anyone, child or adult, on a restricted diet. In our range, we have:

Moo Free is one of our best-selling dairy-free chocolate lines. It’s been designed to have the velvety, creamy mouth-feel of ‘normal’ chocolate, but contains no dairy milk whatsoever, using rice milk instead. Moo Free also make lovely thick chocolate, giving you a great mouthful with every bite!

Other chocolate goodies

We’ve got all manner of other chocolate goodies, ranging from kids’ bars to most-definitely-adults-only truffles. Here’s what we’d choose from the shelves ourselves, for an Easter present:

Hasslacher's make the best hot chocolate - for Easter and for anytime.

Too cool for an egg? Try this retro bar instead.

  • Booja Booja truffles: we’ve got these dairy-free truffles in a range of proper grown-up flavours. The champagne variety are amazing!
  • Bunnycomb bar: with honeycomb bits, this is just what you get in the egg of the same name, presented in a small bar. It’s the perfect sweet little dairy-free treat.
  • Dark-chocolate-dipped mango and ginger: from Cocoa Loco, this treat isn’t all bad for you – there’s fruit in there, too!
  • Montezuma’s The Dark Side chocolate bar: deliberately dark, from one of the best and most innovative chocolate-makers in the UK.
  • Hasslacher’s 100% cacao bar: with its retro packaging, this makes a great Easter present for anyone who’s just a little too cool for an egg. You’ll need to grate the cacao into a pan to make what is, in our reckoning, among the best hot chocolate in the world.
  • Chocolate foam bath: from Faith in Nature, this might just make your favourite chocaholic’s Easter day….

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