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This Easter, why not do things a little differently? It’s long been a trend to make your own Christmas presents – but for Easter, we still tend to reach for something from the supermarket shelves. Just as with anything else homemade, Easter eggs that you’ve made yourself are going to be tastier, healthier (within reason!) and much more welcomed than something out of a packet. And if you’re trying to please someone on a restricted diet, it can be much easier to do so if you know exactly what you’re putting in the egg.

We've got the ingredients you'll need to make your own Easter eggs.

Do you fancy making your own Easter eggs?

There are numerous recipes online for making your own Easter eggs, with notes on the bits of equipment you’ll need, and the ingredients. This link is useful for people who want a quick and easy recipe, perhaps to make with kids: It uses readymade chocolate that’s then moulded.

The more adventurous might well prefer to make their own chocolate entirely from scratch. For those people, this is a good place to start: (note that the authors here refer to ‘raw cocoa’, which is what we call ‘cacao’).

For the ingredients you need, you can’t do better than visit Naturally Good Food. We’ve got a steady stream of customers making their own Easter eggs, some of whom have been kind enough to share their tips with us.

(And if an egg seems a pretty hard shape to achieve, don’t despair: you can always use our fantastic ingredients to make chocolate slabs, shards, cakes or cookies instead.)

The basics: core ingredients for Easter eggs

Take a look at our wonderful ingredients and plan your perfect egg!

We’ve got all the basics, and the extras, for making your own chocolate eggs.

The little extras

When you’re making your own Easter eggs, you don’t have to stick to the same old styles and ingredients. It’s the little extras that can produce the most amazing tastes and textures. Here are some of the ingredients our home-cooks have recommended to us over the years:

Lucuma makes a great choice - or acai powder.

Why not include one of our sweet supernutrient powders in the mix?

  • Supernutrient powders: raw cacao is good for you in all kinds of ways. It also carries other flavours well – so why not give it a boost by mixing it with one of our supernutrient powders? We’d recommend the wonderfully sweet lucuma, or the tart, tropical and (itself chocolatey-tasting) acai powder.
  • Natural extracts: our vanilla extracts are an obvious choice, but we’ve got a great range of other flavours too, including peppermint, coffee and almond.
  • Carnival drops: these organic variants on Smarties, from Biona, are great for ‘studding’ your eggs or slabs of chocolate.
  • Chocolate truffles: if you’ve mastered the egg, and want to hide something inside it, you can’t do better than include some of our luxurious Booja Booja chocolate truffles (so good, they’re for grown-ups only….)

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