Do we stock the world’s most expensive chocolate?

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Each year, chocolatiers vie to make the world’s most exclusive and expensive chocolates. In 2017, the priciest chocs on offer included beautifully moulded chocolate shells, 71% single-bean truffles, limited edition high-cocoa-content bars, and chocolate bars studded and enveloped in various kinds of gold.

We stock inclusive chocolate, not exclusive!

Do we stock the world’s most expensive chocolate?

One of my favourite ‘most expensive’ bars was the Rabot Estate Marcial 70% dark chocolate bar developed by Hotel Chocolat in 2013. It came with a label giving the year of harvest and other processing details, along with the name of the head chocolatier (which was not Willy Wonka).

Apparently – according to the fortunate reviewers who got to taste a crumb or two – this chocolate bar had ‘notes of shiraz wine, antique oak, roasted cocoa and stewed spiced plums’. It’s fair to say that it probably wouldn’t have been anyone’s first choice for making chocolate rice-crispy cakes.

At Naturally Good Food, sadly, we don’t have access to the world’s most exclusive chocolate bars. However, we do have some great, really inclusive chocolate, which you might like to take a look at instead!

Our inclusive chocolate range

We stock organic, speciality, Fairtrade and dairy-free chocolate.

Our chocolate is a little more…inclusive!

Our chocolate range varies from year to year as we discover new varieties and flavours. When we’re thinking about what to stock, we make sure we can tick the boxes our customers are interested in:

  • Organic chocolate
  • Dairy-free chocolate
  • Fairtrade chocolate
  • High-quality eating chocolate
  • High-quality cooking chocolate

Currently, we’ve got some great organic chocolate from Green and Blacks, who really can’t be bettered for mainstream organic, tasty chocolate, as well as bars from the more unusual, innovative Montezuma.

In our dairy-free range, Moo Free are one of the big names, with their really creamy bars a big hit with children (of all ages). Booja Booja are important too, producing the most amazing grown-up truffles.

Many of our brands have some Fairtrade options, including Plamil, Divine and Cocoa Loco. Plamil are great for dairy-free cooking purposes – for standard chocolate cooking, we recommend Green and Blacks.

Among our high-quality speciality ranges, the Cocoa Loco chocolates and the Hasslachers’ 100% raw cacao bar currently stand out.

All chocolate is good, of course. And I refuse to be truly impressed by any of the most expensive chocolates in the world until the manufacturers succeed in producing a Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight (with a golden ticket inside) and make it available to the likes of Charlie Bucket and me.

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