We’ve got dairy-free chocolate for everyone!

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Cacao doesn’t contain milk – and neither does cocoa. But standard chocolate does, with dairy milk giving the cocoa a creaminess and a richness that millions adore.

We've got a great range of dairy-free chocolate.

Can you have creamy, dreamy dairy-free chocolate?

The problem is….not everyone drinks milk. Some people are intolerant of it, others exclude it from their diets on ethical or health grounds. And those people all want to eat chocolate, too! Fortunately, there’s an increasing number of manufacturers happy to give them just what they need. At Naturally Good Food, we stock the very best dairy-free chocolate. We’re perfectly happy to describe ourselves as chocaholics, and we can honestly say that we make no distinction between nibbling one of our standard dairy chocolate bars and wolfing down one of the dairy-free variety. They’re so cleverly crafted that you really can’t choose between them.

Let’s take a look at just what we’ve got in our dairy-free chocolate range.

Moo Free

We've got a good range of Moo Free chocolates

Moo Free’s Bunnycomb Bar is a great little treat

From Moo Free, we have several little treat chocolate bars. Moo Free are famous for managing to make dairy-free chocolate that tastes just like dairy milk chocolate. It’s the rice milk that does it, giving a smooth creaminess. As well as their basic chocolate bar, we’ve got the Bunnycomb bar (no bunnies, just honeycomb), and bars in flavours ranging from banana to caramelised hazel. We stock their chocolate drops and a large couverture bar, too.


We’ve long stocked Plamil’s chocolate drops and flakes, both for caterers and for home-cooks. As well as being great for cake-decorating, these are designed to have excellent melting properties, making them perfect for dairy-free baking.

We've recently started stocking Plamil's So Free bars

So Free Hempseed Dark Chocolate bar: a great option from Plamil

Recently, we’ve started sending out Plamil’s So Free bars. These thin chocolate bars come in a range of flavours, from cool mint to espresso. They’re imaginative: one bar is studded with hemp seeds; another sweetened with coconut blossom sugar. The Plamil range runs from white all the way to ‘very dark’: there really is something for every taste.


Perhaps the most important bar we stock from Organica is the vegan white chocolate bar. It’s not easy to find a tasty white chocolate dairy-free bar, but we think Organica have hit the jackpot! Again, it’s rice milk that gives the smooth, creamy taste.

From the same brand, we stock a milky-tasting couverture bar, as well as a plain chocolate hazelnut nougat snack bar.

Booja Booja

Booja Booja are part of our luxury range. They produce proper grown-up chocolate truffles, in a variety of flavours (the champagne ones are particularly potent…). We’ve got so much to say about Booja Booja that there’s no chance of fitting it into this blog. Watch this space: we’re going to Booja in our next chocolate blog!

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