I like to Booja Booja (but only with discerning adults)

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Booja Booja chocolates: they’re strictly adults-only in my house. This isn’t just because the alcoholic ones (dairy-free champagne truffles!) are potent enough to knock a vicar out, but because they’re simply far too wonderful to waste on undiscerning children.

We've got a great range of Booja Booja chocolates.

Beautiful boxes, beautiful chocolates!

Booja Booja, from their base in Norfolk, make dairy-free, gluten-free, soya-free, vegan and fully organic treats. Free from so much, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the packaging might taste better than what’s inside. But you’d be mistaken. Feed the packaging to your kids – the chocolates within are simply divine.

These aren’t everyday snacks. They’re the kind of chocolates you need to drop heavy hints about: Gold Wedding Anniversary, Retirement, Graduation, Undying Gratitude and Grovelling Apology chocolates. In beautiful artist-designed boxes, they come in a variety of flavours. We stock:

  • Around Midnight Espresso Truffles: dark chocolate truffles infused with the finest organic coffee, dusted with cocoa powder.
  • Fine de Champagne Truffles: a heady mixture of chocolate derived from organic Dominican cacao beans and the best champagne. The truffles contain coconut oil, agave syrup and cane sugar too, for superb richness.
  • Hazelnut Crunch truffles: truffles with sweet roasted Italian hazelnuts. Great for spoiling your guests at a diplomatic reception, should you happen to be an ambassador.
  • Stem Ginger truffles: stem ginger steeped in syrup gives these truffles a rush of warmth.
  • Gourmet Truffle Selection: can’t decide? The mixed gourmet box contains the lot of them! It also has a couple of varieties we don’t currently stock: Rum-sozzled Sultanas and Almond and Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate.

According to ‘Mr Booja’, one of the 37-strong-team that makes the truffles (up to 32,000 of them every day!), Everyone needs a little Booja now and then….

Can't decide? Choose our Gourmet Selection box.

Everyone needs a little Booja now and then….

The Booja team want chocolates that are good for the conscience as well as the taste-buds. They’ve built strong, lasting relationships with single suppliers and made the fair, ethical treatment of everyone involved a cornerstone of their philosophy.

With their chocolates apparently offering ‘delicious moments of beautifully sweet pleasure’ and ‘playful tickles of joy’, whilst ‘lying guiltless on sumptuous pillows’ – well, I think they’re trying to tell us grown-ups something.

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