Spring-clean your house – and your spirit at the same time!

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This week, we’re all about cleanliness and inspiration. We’re channelling clean, natural, mindful and downright Instagrammable thoughts. In spirit, we’re going to be like those people in internet memes who jump for joy perilously close to sunny mountain precipices. And how are we going to achieve this? By talking about spring-cleaning!

We're talking about spring-cleaning - need inspiration?

In this blog, we’re going to be inspirational!

Spring-cleaning is fabulous, you see, while ordinary cleaning is not. Spring-cleaning is about making a fresh start, dusting down and clearing out. It’s a breath of fresh air, a clearing out of the cobwebs, a dusting down of the dim greyness of winter. As we ourselves wake up from the duvet-days of January and February, we can welcome the sunlight into our homes too, and put a spring back in our step. Let’s spring clean with enthusiasm!

Why spring-clean?

Spring-cleaning started centuries ago and probably had religious or ceremonial origins – a way to mark the start of a new year or prepare for a religious festival. In countries with marked differences in seasons, it became a standard way of getting rid of the dirt and dust of winter. With many families sharing accommodation with animals, and low levels of lighting, detritus could build up unnoticed over several months. The advent of spring, with its shafts of sunlight piercing dim interiors, revealed what a state the living quarters had got themselves into.

The tradition continued through the centuries – and continued to make sense. Houses became more luxurious, but it was only in springtime that the weather was sufficiently bright and breezy to be able to wash and dry carpets, curtains and linen successfully.

Even in this age of tumble-dryers and electric lights, spring-cleaning is a custom that continues. And it’s come to mean a lot more than simply getting the dirt out of your home. The original spiritual dimension of the tradition has made a comeback: according to a host of inspirational quotes, memes and books, spring-cleaning will not only make our surfaces sparkle, but will provide ‘structure and organisation’ in our lives, allowing us to ‘take stock of who we are and how others see us’.

Spring-cleaning is rarely just about mopping up.

Spring-cleaning your house – or your spirit too?

House and spirit? We think the two are interconnected. That slight stain of guilt at the back of your mind; those hard-to-shift feelings of unachieved ambitions; that lingering pool of regret: have a go at working them out as you scrub right into the back corner of the cupboard under the stairs. If it it doesn’t work, at least your house will be thoroughly clean!

Favourite spring-cleaning books

Not many wholefood blogs give book-reading recommendations, but that’s just one of the things that sets Naturally Good Food apart. If you need some impetus to get off the sofa and into your overalls, try one of these:

The Victorian House (Judith Flanders): put yourself in a grateful mood by reading all about the dreadful life of servants as they battled to manage spring-cleaning in the past.

Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame): Mole gets on with it (before he gets out of it).

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up (Marie Kondo): the most famous cleaning-up book, perhaps, showing you how to declutter your house, your mind and your life.

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