Green-clean, spring-clean!

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Spring-cleaning should ideally be carried out as if you were Snow White settling into the dwarves’ house: by teams of little squirrels, rabbits and mice, scurrying around, straightening and sweeping with homemade brooms. No nasty, harsh chemicals, just nature setting itself to rights.

The next best thing, however, is to harness the power of nature for yourself. Don’t just spring-clean – green-clean! If you’re cleaning your house this spring, don’t add a whole new layer of unnecessary artificial chemicals to your environment. Instead, seek out natural cleaning materials.

We stock a green cleaner for every task we can think of.

We’ve got all kinds of green cleaning products – for every purpose

At Naturally Good Food we’ve got a full range of clean, green household products. We have environmentally friendly lotions, creams and sprays, with natural, non-abrasive ingredients. They won’t make you sneeze or give you nasty rashes, and they won’t damage the soil and waterways when you rinse your cloth or mop out.

Our range

We try to provide an environmentally friendly, organic, vegan or natural cleaner for every task. We’ve got (almost) all areas covered….if you can see a gap in our offering, please let us know!

As our range expands and new products come on board, our selection may vary. At present, we’ve got green cleaning products in the following areas:

We want to keep our homes as clean and green as possible.

From limescale remover to carpet shampoo – we try to cover every task!

For more information about our stance on green cleaning, you might like to see these blogs:

We’re organic and natural specialists, and not just for food. We like to eat clean and to clean green – and we want every clean house to be a clean, green house!

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