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So, the sun is starting to shine, but your household isn’t exactly sparkling. It’s spring-cleaning time! We’ve got a great range of natural, organic, vegan and environmentally friendly household cleaners at Naturally Good Food, which you can see here. We pride ourselves on finding a ‘green’ cleaner for every task we can think of, as we know that like us, our customers don’t want to use harsh or artificial chemicals to get their houses ‘clean’.

If you're spring-cleaning, use environmentally friendly homemade cleaners.

It’s spring-time: let’s harness the power of nature!

But we’re also huge fans of the homemade options. These are the simplest and most natural household cleaners of all. They’re easy to make, cheap, don’t damage the environment and use up far fewer resources than plastic-packaged shop-bought options. Made from simple ingredients that are probably already lurking in your cupboards, these clean in the very greenest way of all.

Bicarbonate of soda

It's especially good at oven-cleaning.

Bicarbonate of soda makes a great cleaning product

Bicarbonate of soda is a compound made up of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. Generally found in the baking cupboard, it’s great for household cleaning too.

One really good use for it on its own is as an oven cleaner, both for the hob top and for inside the oven. Mix it with water to form a thick paste, then smear it over the surfaces you’re cleaning. Leave for a few hours, then wipe off. Those who use it swear that you’ll never need to stick a harsh chemical cleaner in your oven again!

It’s also suggested that you mix a spoonful or so of rock salt with your bicarbonate, to remove burnt-on food.


Mixing bicarbonate of soda with white vinegar gives you a cleaner that many people claim will clean anything – including drains! Add a drop or two of essential oil (perhaps lavender or tea tree oil) to the mix, to give a pleasant aroma. Check out individual recipes online to work out the right ratio of bicarbonate and vinegar for each cleaning job.

Add a few drops of essential oils for a pleasant aroma

Vinegar – great for cleaning windows

Vinegar diluted with water makes a great cleaner by itself, too. Some people do add a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice, though, as well as a few drops of an essential oil.  A simple vinegar-and-water mixture can be used to clean just about anything, but is particularly recommended for windows and mirrors.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a fantastic foodstuff, a terrific toiletry and a capital cleaner! Rather like soap, it lifts sticky residue by binding to it, ready to be wiped away. It’s ideal for all oil-based cleaning and for loosening residue. Use it to clean scuff marks from floors, soil from garden tools and rust marks from cutlery.

It's a great polisher and conditioner, too

Suitable for all oil-based cleaning

Coconut oil is also great for polishing, suitable for wood, veneer, stainless steel, chrome and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It’s excellent for polishing leather, which it also moisturises and conditions – and can be used for the same purpose for wooden chopping boards, worktops, tables and utensils (where it also naturally disinfects).

Guilt-free cleaners

The best thing about using natural products as cleaners is that you can be sure there are no nasty chemicals lurking in them, waiting to be transferred to your house, your air, your drains and your own body. By making your own cleaners, you’re also avoiding products that have been tested on animals, or that would be injurious to animal life when used in the home. These ingredients thus make a great choice for environmentalists and vegans, as well as for the generally thrifty. They spring-clean your house and keep your conscience nicely clean too!

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