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At Naturally Good Food we’ve quietly reorganised some of our products into a new category: Superfoods! These are products that have a specific, particularly intense, health benefit.

The best, most potent powders are in our supernutrients section

We’ve got a great new superfoods and supernutrients section

Take a look at our Superfoods category here – we’re adding to it all the time. Here’s a taster of the kind of things you’ll find there:

Our superfoods have all kinds of uses

Some of these products will be pretty familiar to you: wheatgrass and barleygrass powders are, for example, simply made from the shoots of young wheat and barley grasses. The goodness of these shoots is captured at its most intensely nutritious point and transformed into easily digestible powders.

Other powders may be completely alien: you may have only the vaguest idea of what chlorella powder is, or of how to use spirulina. We’ve helped you out by exploring each of these powders ourselves, providing explanations and ideas and recipes for their use. Simply search our blog section to find out about each one.

Some of these powders have particular medicinal purposes, suitable for those suffering from a lack of a vitamin or mineral in their diets. Others are popular with people looking for extra protein or for specific elements to boost energy and sports performance. They’re easily incorporated into after-workout protein shakes or smoothies.

And some of the powders and ingredients are simply delicious in their own right – wonderful to taste, alongside their great nutritional make-up! 


These powders, tablets and ingredients are made from ingredients taken from all four corners of the earth. From the swamps of the Amazon to the arid plains of Africa, the best, most potent and most amazingly health-giving plants on earth have been harvested (sustainably) and brought to you, ready to add to your diet.

In short, these are super foods, with super health benefits, for our super customers!

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