Scapa Fest Yoga and Adventure Festival – fancy taking part?

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Yoga’s everywhere! Gyms provide wall-to-wall yoga, schools incorporate it into their PE sessions, and no self-respecting village hall across the country is without its class. So why bother trekking out to the wilds of Scotland to do it?

Scapa Fest is a natural yoga festival.

What does Scapa Fest have to offer?

Well, because yoga doesn’t get much better than at Scapa Fest! A three-day festival of yoga and adventure, on the beautiful Ardkinglas estate (by Loch Fyne), Scapa Fest brings the leading practitioners of many different types of yoga together in one place. The classes, for beginners and experts alike, allow you to explore and enjoy types of yoga you might never even have heard of!

Find your natural balance

Most importantly for us at Naturally Good Food, Scapa Fest emphasises the ‘natural’ side of yoga, fitting beautifully with our own ethos. The festival takes yoga out of air-conditioned artificial gyms, into a world of woodland and water. It wants its participants to ‘connect with nature in as many ways as possible…discover the joy of living in balance with the world around [us], from day to day, season to season.’

The festival gives you a chance to try different types of yoga

Find your balance – and reconnect

As their website says: ‘At Scapa Fest, yoga is so much more than connecting with the body. It’s about reconnecting with the world around us’.

Naturally Good Food, likewise, wants to help everyone connect with the natural world when it comes to food. At NGF, we’re passionate about encouraging people to eat natural, organic wholefoods. We want clean, green living, environmental sustainability and an understanding of how we all fit into the world out there.

Up in the wild, green, clean spaces of Scotland, Scapa Fest will organise trekking and sea-kayaking workshops alongside the yoga, with Wild Things running outdoor education workshops especially for kids. It’s a chance to stretch your limbs, fill your lungs with clean air, and refocus your mind on nature. Environmental awareness, will of course, be at the heart of the festival, with workshops on carbon emissions and a zero waste ethos.

What kind of yoga can you do at Scapa Fest?

Here’s a taster:

Vinyasa Flow: an alignment-based, dynamic practice that links movement and breath in a flowing, creative sequence.

Forrest Yoga: you might already have heard of Forrest Yoga, thanks to a Scottish chap, Finlay Wilson, and his Youtube video, Kilted Yoga.

Forrest Yoga is an intensely physical, internally focused practice that challenges students to find and cleanse the ‘emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit their lives’. The aim is for students to cultivate ‘an acute awareness of their own practice and life process, creating a unique and powerful opportunity for them to make practical life decisions based on their own experiences’.

This type of yoga has been especially developed to help with modern-day issues: there are poses designed to correct the stress of sitting all day at computer screens, for instance.

The headline Forrest act at Scapa Fest will be Jambo Dragon Truong.

Yin Yoga: a gentle and relaxing practice, sequencing long-held seated poses.

Family yoga: a chance for parents and children to practise together.

Yoga for Youth and Teens: focused on developing self-discovery and physical and emotional resilience in children and teenagers.

Acroyoga: combining yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage.

Fancy finding out more? Ready to book your ticket? Here’s all you need to know:

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