Walk like an Egyptian: with wheatgrass powder

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It’s a pure shot of concentrated green goodness, a super-abundance of nutrients in a little pouch. Once a prized foodstuff of the Pharoahs of Egypt, it’s surely potent enough to wake a Mummy from a 5,000-year slumber. It’s wheatgrass powder – now available from Naturally Good Food!

We now stock potent organic wheatgrass powder

Concentrated green goodness: available as a powder            Image: @ricke76

Wheatgrass powder is made from the first shoots of organically grown wheatgrass. Sown and raised outdoors, made rich by natural sunlight and the fertility of healthy soil, the developing shoots are brim-full of vitamins and chlorophyll. They’re cut at their peak of quivering freshness and dried into a powder that’s so vibrantly green you can almost absorb the goodness with your eyes.

Why wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is considered to have particularly impressive rejuvenating, revitalising and ‘alkalising’ properties. It’s rich in a whole range of vitamins, including Vitamins C and K, and is a good supplier or manganese, copper, iron, calcium and zinc. It scores well for fibre and protein and is a fine source of phytonutrients and essential amino acids (including those the body can’t make by itself).

These elements are all important for the healthy functioning of our bodies.

Vitamin C, for instance, is essential for the growth and repair of tissues. It helps the body manufacture collagen, which in its turn, makes skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels. Vitamin K is needed to regulate blood clotting in the body. It’s necessary for bone health and assists with the transportation of calcium through the body.

Manganese helps our bodies form connective tissue and bones. It assists in the develop of blood clotting and the production of sex hormones. It also plays a role in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates from food and in the absorption of calcium, as well as regulating blood sugar levels. In addition, it’s essential for the normal functioning of our brains and nerves.

Copper, along with iron, helps us make red blood cells to carry oxygen around our bodies. Copper also helps keep our immune and nervous systems healthy.

Calcium is needed for our bones – to build them and keep them healthy. It helps our blood clot, our muscles contract and our nerves send messages. Zinc, meanwhile, boosts our immune system. It enables our bodies to make protein and DNA, allows wounds to heal and muscles to grow and be repaired, and gives us our proper sense of taste and smell.

For proper digestive health, and to work against heart disease, diabetes and cancer, we need fibre. And for overall growth and repair, we can’t manage without protein – the basic building block of everything within us.

How to take it?

Image: @kimberpine

Mix this wheatgrass powder with water or juice, or include it in a smoothie with fresh fruit and vegetables. Some people love the taste – others find it too earthy or strong. If you struggle with it to start with, don’t worry: simply mix it with other fresh ingredients to find the taste that’s right for you. The wonders of wheatgrass will still be there!

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