Fibre-rich, gluten-free coconut flour powder

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At Naturally Good Food we stock coconut flour – sometimes referred to as ‘coconut powder’. It’s an integral part of our gluten-free baking range and a firm favourite in our Superfoods section as well. It also appeals to those who are avoiding grains in their diet, but who still want to be able to use flour.

We stock coconut flour in our Supernutrients range

Made from the dried, ground pulp of the coconut, coconut flour is a great gluten-free, protein-rich option Image: @jonasduecker

Made from the dried, ground pulp of the coconut, this flour is naturally gluten-free and is particularly rich in fibre and protein. It’s a great alternative for anyone on a ‘free from’ diet, and an equally good option for those who simply want to expand their diet and increase their nutritional intake. With B vitamins, potassium and magnesium, it’s one of the most nutritional flours we stock!

It’s known to be a high-fat flour, but is recognised as a good high-fat flour, containing the medium-chain triglyceride fats found in whole coconut. These fats are easily processed by the liver and are thus used for energy, rather than being stored as fat. They’ve also been linked to better brain function. Coconut flour is, too, naturally low in carbohydrates.

Coconut flour in cooking

You can use coconut flour in the same way as almond flour (ground almonds). It thickens virtually anything – and thus makes a great addition to things like porridge. Like almond flour, it’s ideal for baking, helping to retain moisture and giving a great, tender ‘crumb’. This is good news for gluten-free cooks: gluten-free baking has a tendency to become rather dry and brittle without the right ingredients.

Coconut flour gives baking a wonderfully moist crumb

Coconut flour gives a vanilla-ish flavour to baking

Coconut flour gives a natural colour to your baking – slightly creamy – and adds more of a vanilla-ish flavour than a strong coconutty taste. However, whether you’re using it in cakes, biscuits or bread, make sure to follow a precise recipe. This flour is such a great absorber of moisture that you can’t simply substitute it for regular flour on a 1:1 basis. You may also need to alter the quantity of eggs (or egg substitutes) you’re using and add extra raising agent.

Another good suggestion is to make a pudding with the flour. Add milk, yogurt or cream (or dairy-free alternatives), along with some vanilla extract, something sweet, and some ground-up flax and chia seeds, for an incredibly healthy sweet dessert.

Protein supplement

Try adding coconut powder to a smoothie.

A great addition to a smoothie! Image: @alexloup

Coconut powder is used by many as a protein supplement. It’s a great – and perhaps the very tastiest way – of restoring protein levels, following an energetic workout. One way of quickly incorporating it into your diet is to add it to a smoothie. It goes particularly well with sweet ingredients.

Our coconut flour powder

We stock the very best coconut flour. It’s organic and some of it is labelled ‘raw’. Click here to see all the coconut flour we have in stock.

If you’re interested in our other gluten-free baking flours and products, click here to see them all. For the rest of our Superfoods range, click here.

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