Coconut palm sugar: it’s a superfood!

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Buttery, caramelly, rich and fragrant – our coconut palm sugar is an amazing ingredient. But what makes it a ‘superfood’?

Fancy some coconut palm sugar?

Yes, please!

Well, unlike your usual white table sugar, which has had all the nutritious elements refined out of it, coconut palm sugar still contains plenty of the good stuff. You’ll find potassium, magnesium and phosphorus in this sugar, along with vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron and copper. There are B vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants, too.

Coconut palm sugar is made from the sap of the flower buds of the coconut palm. The moisture is evaporated and the resulting powder packaged up for sale. It’s unfiltered, unprocessed and unbleached – and doesn’t taste of coconut at all, instead giving a delicate floral undertone.

Ideal for baking

This kind of sugar has been used as a traditional sweetener for centuries in south-east Asia. With a low melting and a high burning temperature, it’s ideal for baking, as well as being delicious in drinks or simply sprinkled on desserts.

Low GI

Recently, it’s become a popular sugar alternative amongst those looking for a low glycaemic idex (GI) sweetener. Coconut palm sugar scores just 35 on the GI, while ordinary table sugar ranks at around 70. It also has a low fructose content compared with other sweeteners.

The best in the world?

And it’s good for the whole world, too! In 2014 it was named by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation the ‘most sustainable sweetener in the world’. This is because coconut palm trees require minimal amounts of water and are productive for decades. The processing of their fruits is low-fuel and requires no artificial ingredients or chemical alterations.

Here at Naturally Good Food we’ve got coconut palm sugar in a range of pack sizes, from 250g up to bulk bags of 20kg. You can see them all here.

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