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If you’re climbing a mountain (and there are days when we’ve all got mountains to climb), then let’s not beat about the bush: you need food that gives you energy. You need something to get you started (a good, solid breakfast), something to keep you going (a high-energy snack) and something that makes it all worthwhile at the top (a delicious reward). In her book The First Fifty, Muriel Gray is perfectly clear that she frequently only made it to the summits of her fifty Munros thanks to an …interesting selection of junk food.

We've got just what you need for mountain-power.

Mountain-climbing? You’ll need NGF in your back pocket!

Well, we don’t sell junk food at Naturally Good Food – but don’t let that stop you climbing. We have all the healthy, high-energy options you need to power you up a mountain, along a long-distance footpath, over the finish-line of a marathon or round and round an Olympic cycle-track.

We’re the power behind lots of sports people!

We cater for a lot of sports people at Naturally Good Food. We have a dedicated Sports nutrition section, which lists natural sports nutrition products, including energy bars and drinks, sports superfoods and supplements. These ‘sports’ products are the foodstuffs that get your body steadily prepared for action and that encourage recovery afterwards. They make sure you’re in the best possible shape for a race or a climb, and that your muscles are provided with everything they need for repair and renewal once you’ve finished.

High energy snacks

We’ve also got just what you need for the journey itself. Even the most filling of Full British Breakfasts wears off at a certain altitude, and it’s then that our portable, tasty, high-energy snacks come into their own. Providing the maximum of energy for the minimum of weight, our snacks are well worth climbing over 3,000 feet for. See our energy snack bars here, and our chocolate selection here. We’ve also got biscuits, packets of sweets (especially vegan sweets) and chocolate-covered fruit and nuts.

Add our dried fruit to some homemade trail mix.

Our dried fruit makes a great nibble – along with our nuts and seeds.

Calorie-dense and easy to digest, our dried fruit, nuts and seeds are also great to nibble on as you climb relentlessly upwards, providing sustained energy. You might like to mix them together in a homemade trail mix, perhaps with some of our cacao nibs. We’d also suggest using our firm, high-quality oats to make your own flapjacks, with dried fruit, nuts and seeds mixed in.

So go ahead – climb every mountain. With NGF in your back pocket.

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