Can Brits make trail mix?

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Trail mix. It’s just so…un-British. After all, we don’t really go on ‘trails’ in Britain: we follow footpaths, rights-of-way and bridleways. We don’t eat ‘mixes’ while we walk – we have a nice, solid bar of something and then stop off at a pub. But you know what? It’s actually a really good idea!

NGF can make you up our very own trail mix!

Not in this country…can Brits make trail mix?

Trail mix is quite simple. It’s a combination of dried fruit, grains and nuts, perhaps with chocolate or other sweet ingredients added. Walkers take it along on outdoor hikes, to nibble at as they walk. You can buy it readymade or can mix it yourself, to get just the right combination of ingredients. It’s designed to give you a steady supply of energy, from healthy foodstuffs.

American Girl Scouts make a famous trail mix called GORP, standing for Good Old Raisins and Peanuts. That’s all it has in it; the raisins provide sweetness, and the nuts protein, with both giving a Good Old Calorific Boost. It sounds fine – but we think we can make it much more exciting.

Here are some suggestions. Choose a few and mix them together!

You can, of course, make it more unusual still. How about:

We’ve got a couple of products specifically labelled ‘Trail mix’, too, including our very own NGF trail mix, which includes raisins, banana chips, raw coconut slices, whole almonds, cashew pieces, jumbo black raisins, whole hazelnuts and toasted coconut. We’ve also got various pre-packaged Snack packs that could be added to a mix. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at our high-energy snack bars instead, where someone else has done all the ‘hard work’ of combining ingredients for you.

Whatever you choose, take plenty of it – and happy hiking!

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