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Yesterday, we wondered in our blog whether ‘clean eating’ had come to a dirty end. While it was still big on twitter (#cleaneating), the backlash was gathering momentum daily – was anyone still going to be ‘eating clean’ by the end of the year? And if so, what exactly would they mean by it?

The problem is that ‘clean eating’ means all kinds of things to all kinds of people. But there’s one underlying thing that unites all of them: the belief that natural, unprocessed wholefoods are A GOOD THING. And that’s where Naturally Good Food comes in.

You need wholefoods

However you define clean eating, wholefoods should be at the base of it all

For clean eating, you need wholefoods

If you’re eating clean, you need wholefoods: food that’s been as lightly processed as possible, food that’s as close to its natural state as possible, food that’s as high in vitamins and minerals as it possibly can be. We’re proud to say that our Wholefoods section ticks all these boxes! Check it out here. We’ve got grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, cold-pressed oils and rice.

You might also be interested in our Organic food section, if you’re trying to avoid food that could have been contaminated with chemical fertilisers and pesticides during the growing process.

 What else might you need?

To find out what else you might need for a ‘clean eating’ lifestyle, we’ve scoured a few of the more mainstream ‘clean eating’ websites and publications. We stock many of the foodstuffs featured in these. Take a look at our:

We stock various kinds of raw almond butter

Raw almond butter is often mentioned by clean eaters

All these products are great in their own way: tasty, rich in nutrients, and a great addition to a diet. But don’t cut anything out of your diet without taking proper medical advice – eating clean should always mean getting the full range of nutrients. And at Naturally Good Food, we seek to make that easy!

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