Obesity and cancer: let’s eat more healthily

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It’s thought that one in 20 cancers have a link to obesity: if you’re obese, or even overweight, you’re more likely to contract them. These cancers account for around 40% of all cancers contracted by the population, making the link between obesity and cancer quite startling.

Obesity raises the risk of contracting certain cancers.

What’s the link between obesity and cancer?

Cancers of the breast, bowel, womb, oesophagus, pancreas, kidney, liver, upper stomach, gallbladder, ovaries and thyroid are more common in people who are overweight, as are certain types of blood cancer and brain tumours. Breast and bowel cancers are two of the most common types of cancer overall, while three of the cancers that are hardest to treat (pancreatic, oesophagul and gallbladder cancers) are also on that list.

Why does being overweight raise the risk?

Obesity raises the risk of cancer in a variety of ways, as fat cells produce hormones and proteins that spread throughout the body. These cells attract ‘immune cells’, for instance, which release chemicals causing inflammation, raising the risk of certain cancers. Excess fat can change the level of sex hormones like oestrogen and testosterone, which is again a risk factor. It’s thought that the additional insulin in the body caused by being overweight affects cell division. The risk factors are particularly high when fat is carried around the stomach.

Eat healthily to lose weight

The reasons for being overweight are many and varied, and have genetic components as well as those relating to lifestyle and environment. Some diseases and drugs contribute to weight gain as well.

Whatever the factors behind weight gain, it’s well-known that eating healthily is the best solution (in conjunction with taking adequate exercise). At Naturally Good Food, we advocate sensible, healthy eating. There’s no need for crazy, faddy diets: common-sense, boring as it may be, can help us all maintain a healthy weight.

Diet, along with exercise, is the key to a healthy weight

Eat proper, healthy food to maintain a healthy weight

A while ago, we came up with the NGF common-sense diet plan. Here it is in essence:

Eat proper, natural food. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, good-quality meat and dairy products (if you’re not vegan), and at the base of your diet, put wholefoods: rice, pulses, grains, nuts and seeds.

Don’t eat heavily processed food – it’s full of sugar, salt or strange fats, with most of the vitamins and minerals refined away. This does mean that you (or someone who loves you!) is going to have to cook from scratch.

Eat less sugar: and much less refined sugar. When you need sugar, try an unrefined variety or alternative instead.

And importantly, don’t despair. Healthy food and a healthy weight is in everyone’s grasp. We’ve been supplying wholefoods to suit all tastes and budgets for decades. Can we help you live a healthier life?

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