Quinoa – has the joke gone too far?

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Quinoa is the punchline (and the butt) of an incredible number of jokes nowadays. If you’re a struggling comedian, starting a sentence with ‘Quinoa…’ seems to be the modern-day equivalent of beginning your act with the words ‘Take my mother-in-law…’. So, with great hilarity, we hear that the Labour party will be rejecting votes from people who can’t pronounce quinoa; that the special prize in a box of breakfast cereal made with quinoa will be a layer of cereal not made with quinoa; that modern-day parents now have alphabet wallcharts on which ‘q’ stands for quinoa’ – and so on. Many of the jokes are too rude to repeat. Though some of them are actually quite funny.

We're not seeing the joke with quinoa - it's fantastic!

Quinoa: what’s so funny? Image: Dider Gentilhomme – Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International

But, while we’re laughing here at Naturally Good Food, we’re laughing full-belly laughs – with bellies full of quinoa, that is. Here at NGF, we’re deadly serious about this amazing grain!

We’re serious about quinoa

We sell lots and lots of quinoa at Naturally Good Food, in bulk sacks and small packs. We sell quinoa grain, flakes, puffs, crispbreads, milk and flour. And it can’t all be going to comedians.

Quinoa was unusual once, but it’s pretty standard now. It’s a staple grain in much of South America – hardly a weird, faddish food. It’s not something you need to extract, mess about with, or crush up and swallow with a grimace in a smoothie; you simply boil it and eat it, just like rice. It takes less time to cook than rice, however, and can be more easily reheated the next day. It’s simple to cook and crunchy and tasty to eat.

Quinoa is easy to cook and very good for you

Quinoa is a delicious and nutritious option

And of course, it’s very good for you. It’s a ‘complete protein’, containing all nine essential amino acids, is high in fibre, and rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron. It’s fantastic for vegans and vegetarians, should be an essential for those on gluten-free diets, and is a wonderful addition to everyone else’s diet too.

We sell quinoa from South America, but also home-grown quinoa, which is good news for those who like to source their food locally. We sell in bulk as well as in small packs. And we sell lots and lots of the stuff. For every one person still laughing at quinoa, there’s another two eating a delicious, healthy meal. The joke’s on the first person, we’d say.

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