It’s Coeliac Disease Awareness Week 2018!

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Were you aware of this? You are now! Coeliac Disease Awareness Week starts on May 14th this year. It’s organised by Coeliac UK, a charity that helps ‘people living without gluten to live happier, healthier lives’. We’re major suppliers of gluten-free (and other ‘free from’) foods in the UK and abroad and we’re very happy to support this week. There probably isn’t anyone in the UK who isn’t aware of the term ‘gluten’ by now – but there’s still a lot of work to be done on understanding coeliac disease and how it affects people.

It's Coeliac Disease Awareness Week - making everyone happier!

Wheat no good for you? Coeliac UK would like to help you!

What should we be aware of?

Coeliac UK explains the need for this Awareness week.

‘While awareness of coeliac disease and the gluten-free diet is growing, there is still low awareness of the symptoms and how they affect people differently before diagnosis.

We believe people may also be potentially linking their symptoms to other conditions or not treating them seriously enough to seek further help. Creating a stronger link between their symptoms and coeliac disease will help people become more informed, empowered and confident to have their symptoms investigated and seek a diagnosis.’

In the Awareness Week, Coeliac UK will be concentrating on a ‘diagnosis campaign’. They believe that there are half a million people living with undiagnosed coeliac disease in the UK – some of them misdiagnosed with other conditions (most frequently, irritable bowel syndrome or IBS). The charity wants to help improve awareness of coeliac disease amongst healthcare professionals, to reduce the time it takes to get a diagnosis and to tackle instances of misdiagnosis.

You can expect to see online advertising, efforts to reach out on social media and local radio, and exhortations to those who are already aware to use their power to get the message across, too.

Why it matters

Coeliac disease causes sufferers great difficulties until a diagnosis is made and a new diet begun. Anaemia, constipation, diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating, mineral deficiency, mouth ulcers, skin rashes and weight loss are some of the most common issues associated with the disease.

The good news is, that once diagnosed, the condition can be treated simply, by removing gluten from the diet. And that’s where we come in at Naturally Good Food, with our extensive range of gluten-free products. It’s easier than ever now to eat a proper, nutritious gluten-free diet, with an alternative available for virtually every ‘standard’ product you can think of.

If you haven’t already checked out our full gluten-free range, click here to do it now!

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