Do you know how to pronounce quinoa? Properly?

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In this country, we pronounce quinoa ‘keen-wa’. But you probably already knew that – and if you were at all unsure, there’s a Youtube video (8 seconds long!) showing you precisely how to make that sound.

We don't care how you pronounce quinoa, we'll sell it to you!

So, how do you pronounce quinoa?                            Image:  blairingmedia

It’s a little more complicated if you start looking into the origin of the word (a Spanish version of the Quechuan kinua or kinúwa). You might begin to wonder how it was pronounced by its very earliest farmers – or come across alternative pronunciations based on current usage in South America. You can find tips online on pronouncing ‘quinoa’ like a ‘snob’, or conversely, like ‘an idiot’.

Thus the debate rages on. But here at Naturally Good Food, we’re simply not that bothered. Quinoa is quinoa: we’ll sell it to you however you choose to pronounce it!

If you know how to pronounce quinoa…

….will you live longer? Well, so goes the joke made by the journalist Zoe Williams a couple of years ago. Rather like those surveys that correlate children’s academic success or behaviour with the supermarket-shopping habits of their parents (‘children with parents who shop at Waitrose are most likely to go on to medical school’ and so on), the underlying message was that being a bit posh helps, generally, in most ways.

We’ve got a great sense of humour at Naturally Good Food, but with this particular joke, we have one or two issues…

Firstly, quinoa isn’t posh at all! In the Andes, it’s long been a basic staple – no posher there than lentils or bread are here. It is, when all is said and done, simply a grain.

Quinoa is nutritious and delicious: it might just boost your life-expectancy

Quinoa might, just possibly, help you live longer!        Image: Vi..Cult…

Secondly, if you eat quinoa you might – just possibly – live longer, yes. And that’s because quinoa is particularly good for you. It’s a ‘complete protein’, containing all nine essential amino acids, and is high in fibre. It’s rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins, including phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, folate, copper and riboflavin. It’s a great, slow-energy-releasing base to a healthy meal. Whether you pronounce it one way or the other, it stands a pretty good chance of boosting your life-expectancy.

Our life-enhancing quinoa range

You can see our full range of quinoa here. We’ve got grain, in all colours – pearl, red and black – as well as puffs and flakes. We’ve got a great variety of products made from quinoa, such as pasta, cereals and crispbreads, as well as quinoa milk and flour.

We’re proud to stock home-grown British quinoa, as well as the South American options, and can provide all of these in small quantities or in bulk.

So open wide, say it loud and proud, and enjoy this wonderful grain!

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