National Fish and Chip Day: Middleton cater for coeliacs

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Join the back of the queue, please – it’s very nearly time for National Fish and Chip Day 2018! June 1st is the official day to eat chips in the UK and the queues in your local chippy are likely to be even longer than usual. But…what if you’re coeliac? Can you still take part?

Catering for the gluten-free fish and chip market? We've got what you need.

Which way for gluten-free fish and chips?

In our previous blog, we looked at the welcome trend for fish and chip shops to cater to coeliacs, making alterations based on strict guidance from the charity Coeliac UK. The National Federation of Fish Fryers has a webpage listing approved gluten-free fish and chip shops here: local websites are an even more comprehensive source of information for a particular area. After decades of missing out, coeliacs should now find it perfectly easy to locate a fish and chip shop that’s safe for them to use.

Middleton Foods – the chippies’ choice

Middleton Foods produce gluten-free batter, curry and gravy mixes for chip shops

We’ve got Middleton Food’s fish batter mix in bulk for caterers

If you’re a fish and chip shop owner looking at branching out into the gluten-free market, you need Naturally Good Food! We stock a range of gluten-free mixes from Middleton Foods specifically aimed at caterers in the gluten-free market. These are good, solid, basic mixes, available in bulk in 3kg tubs. Several of the products are perfect for the fish-and-chip trade.

To start with, we’ve got Middleton’s gluten-free fish batter, to which you simply need to add water. This blend of white rice, gram and buckwheat flours, with tapioca and potato starches, is also available in a family-sized 1kg pack. It makes a lovely thin batter that crisps up beautifully.

For proper gluten-free chip-shop curry and gravy, you need Middleton Food’s bulk black tubs. Their ‘chippies’ choice’ curry sauce is a smooth curry made from a blend of spices. The gluten-free gravy is rich and savoury, with herbs, onion and black pepper.

Rich and savoury, this is an easy gravy to make up

Gluten-free gravy on chips? Coming right up!

Middleton’s have a great range of gluten-free cake and biscuit mixes, too. Follow the instructions on the tub to the letter and we can confirm that you’ll get excellent results! For pancakes, flapjacks, custard, crumble and more, this is no-nonsense gluten-free food designed to make life much easier for the catering trade, as well as for coeliacs.

Click here to see everything we stock from Middleton’s.

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