Coconut oil: is it any good for eczema?

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If you suffer from eczema – as around 2% of adults and 15% of children do – then you might well be looking for effective natural treatments. One remedy that’s often talked about is coconut oil.

Coconut oil can soothe and moisturise areas of skin affected by ecezma.

Can coconut oil help treat ecezma?

Coconut oil is a beautifully soft, fragrant fat. Solid below 18C and liquid above 24C, its precise state varies according to the time of year and whether you store it in the fridge or on top of a radiator! It’s a snowy white oil, shimmering and translucent, with a wonderful aroma. You can eat it (it’s packed full of good saturated fat and antioxidants), clean with it and use it for all kinds of personal care purposes. Whether taken internally or externally, its rich supply of nourishing vitamins should help to keep your skin healthy, strong and supple.

Using coconut oil on eczema

Eczema causes patches of skin to become itchy, red, dry and cracked. Coconut oil, according to its many fans, is great at soothing those inflamed areas. To use, simply massage a fingerful of oil into the patches, working gently to avoid breaking the skin any further. The best time to apply the oil is just after a warm bath or shower, when skin is most receptive to moisture. You can expect the inflammation to look worse immediately after application, but to calm down as the skin cools.

For severe eczema, you may like to rub the oil into a bandage, which you then wrap around the affected area for an extended period of time.

Coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, so its application should help reduce swelling. It also has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, providing protection when dealing with broken skin. Those who have scars from old eczema say that applying coconut oil to these lessens their appearance, too.

Is it OK to use on children and babies?

Babies often suffer from ecezma - coconut oil should be safe to use.

Coconut oil is generally completely safe for children and babies.

Many people ‘grow out’ of eczema, suffering from it most severely when they’re children (babies and toddlers are particularly prone to outbreaks). Coconut oil is an entirely natural product and the kind we sell at Naturally Good Food is of the highest quality: organic, unrefined and extra-virgin. It is, in almost every case, perfectly safe to use on children and babies. As with any product, if a child develops an adverse reaction, the oil should be rinsed off and its use discontinued.

What if the oil is too hard to use?

It’s best to use coconut oil in its liquid form for soothing eczema. If your oil has hardened, simply warm it gently to loosen it. We recommend doing so gradually, perhaps putting your jar in an airing-cupboard or on top of a radiator.

What if coconut oil doesn’t work?

And if coconut oil doesn’t work for you? Try the other natural remedy that everyone raves about: an old pair of tights filled with porridge oats, left in a warm bath. The milkiness of the oats gently seeps out, making a bath that’s silky smooth and very soothing!

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