Are you looking for coconut oil in bulk?

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Do you need large amounts of coconut oil? Naturally Good Food now sells coconut oil in bulk to caterers, small businesses and private customers. To see all our coconut oil (sometimes called coconut butter), click here.

Do you need coconut oil in bulk?

Do you need large amounts of coconut oil?

Rich in lauric acid and other beneficial saturated fats, and a good supplier of antioxidants, coconut oil is one of our best-selling (and indeed, best-looking!) lines. It has a gently sweet aroma and taste, with some varieties developed to be odourless, making them especially suitable for cooking. With a multitude of uses, including personal moisturising and cleansing, culinary applications of all kinds, and use as a household cleaner and polisher, there seems to be pretty much no limits to what coconut oil can do. Certainly, there are no limits to our customers’ demands for the stuff!

We stock the best coconut oil

We only stock the very best coconut oil at Naturally Good Food. This means oil that’s unrefined, organic, raw, cold-pressed, extra-virgin and Fairtrade where possible. We buy from brands that state clearly that they do not use monkeys to harvest their coconuts (sadly not the case with many less ethical suppliers). The brands we stock use coconuts picked by properly compensated adult workers instead.

We firmly believe that the best coconut oil gives the best taste, nutrition and results. Click here to see all the coconut oil we stock.

Bulk and mid-bulk coconut oil

Our bulk ordering section is growing rapidly, with many caterers and small businesses finding it convenient, and much cheaper, to order products in large quantities. The largest quantity of coconut oil we supply is from our own label: a special-order 20-litre bulk drum. You’ll never run out again!

We sell 20-litre drums of coconut oil.

Our largest size of coconut oil is a special order.

For those with smaller requirements, or less storage space, we’ve got a 4-litre drum of raw extra-virgin coconut oil from Coconut Merchant. As with all our products, buying coconut oil in bulk is the most cost-effective option.

In our mid-bulk range, we’ve got large jars of coconut oil from Biona (including Biona Cuisine oil), Coconut Merchant and Essential Trading. All vary subtly as to taste and method of processing – we’d suggest you simply try them out and find the one that suits your purposes best.

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