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We often say that our customers are great – and they are! One of them kindly commented on a blog about FODMAP foods recently, pointing us in the direction of a fantastic resource they’ve created for all those trying to follow a FODMAPs diet.

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FODMAP is a handy acronym for the following list of short-chain carbohydrates: fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols – not a phrase that trips easily off the tongue! FODMAPs ferment rapidly in the gut, producing gas: they’re also highly ‘osmotic’, drawing water into the large bowel. Foods containing these carbohydrates seem to cause intestinal problems for certain people. The ‘FODMAPs diet’ aims to help those who have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, other bowel problems or functional gastrointestinal disorders.

For further information, take a look at our own NGF blog, entitled We take a closer look at FODMAPs. In this blog, we look at the FODMAPs diet in more detail and the kind of foods that fit into it.

A great FODMAP resource

Last year, a customer sent us a link to their Eat Fit blog: This is a collection of recipes that can be viewed by category or ingredient and is designed for anyone with a ‘sensitive tummy’. Many are specifically noted as being ‘low FODMAP’ ideas. The best thing is that they’re delicious recipes in their own right – perfectly suitable for everyone in the family, whether or not you suffer from intestinal problems.

We’ve taken a look – and it all looks lovely! How about Lentil and pepper spread, for example, made with NGF miso paste and apple cider vinegar?

Or Grannie’s gluten-free crunchies, using NGF’s oats, coconut, cranberries and sunflower seeds?

Or pesto, with pinenuts, sesame seeds and blanched almonds; or a coconut, almond and courgette sponge; or a kale and chickpea dip – among many others?

We’d like to say thanks to Christie at for alerting us to this fabulous resource. It’s ideal for anyone looking for healthy food inspiration – and is just what you need if you’re following the FODMAPs diet.

If you’ve got any other resources or blogs to tell us about – or would like to comment on our blogs – please do so, using the Comment section under the blog post.

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