Gluten-free food: when it’s good to put on weight

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A while ago, we pondered the question of whether eating gluten-free food could make you fat. It seemed an unusual health link, but several newspapers had reported it as a concern. The problem turned out to lie with pre-prepared gluten-free convenience and ‘treat’ food, which is now widely available in supermarkets. Just like ‘normal’ convenience food, the gluten-free options weren’t, it transpired, particularly healthy. There was a great deal of unnecessary added sugar, salt and fat.

In our blog we set out the best ways of eating a healthy gluten-free diet: cooking much of it yourself, using our specialist gluten-free ingredients; making the best use of naturally gluten-free raw products, including various grains and other wholefoods; and selecting brands chosen for their specific nutritional value. You can see the full blog here: Does gluten-free food make you fat?

When you absorb food properly, you put on weight

One of our customers, Mark, commented on our blog:

‘I put on weight rapidly when I went gluten free partly because my body was then processing the food correctly, instead of reacting with an immune response to pass it through as fast as possible.’

As we read the comment, we realised that we’d bypassed one of the most important aspects of the issue. For many coeliacs, one of the main problems, before their diet is properly adjusted, is maintaining a healthy weight. When food cannot be processed properly, our bodies can’t obtain the proper nutrients or calories from it. Many coeliacs are diagnosed partly because of their failure to put on weight properly.

Once coeliac disease has been diagnosed and a proper gluten-free diet begun, people like Mark often find that they put on weight. Some coeliacs report that as well as their bodies simply functioning better, they’re so relieved at being able to eat the right diet, they eat more to celebrate!

Let's celebrate being able to eat gluten-free properly!

When you can safely eat gluten-free, you absorb more calories

In recent years, an increasing number of people diagnosed with coeliac disease have been already overweight, reflecting the trend in the population as a whole. For these people, managing the natural increase in calorie intake with a general need to reach a healthy weight can be tricky.

To address this problem, we’d point you in the direction of this blog once more. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight or simply maintain a healthy weight, our advice for all gluten-free diets is the same: eat wholefoods, eat properly, cook for yourself and choose fibre-rich, protein-rich, nutrition-rich brands. Work with your body to provide yourself with the best options – and be very wary of the supermarket convenience options.

And – of course – don’t forget to check out Naturally Good Food’s comprehensive gluten-free selection!

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