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We’ve got a thriving bulk supply business at Naturally Good Food, catering for businesses, families and individuals. Buying in bulk is well-known as the cheapest way to get what you need from us, as well as the most convenient, making it unlikely that you’ll suddenly run out of a vital ingredient or foodstuff. But bulk-buying has another advantage, too – it’s often the most environmentally friendly way to purchase what you need. At a time when many people are looking to reduce their use of plastic, we’d like to showcase what we can offer to make this easier.

Household cleaners in bulk

We stock a huge range of household cleaners, giving an environmentally friendly and natural alternative for every cleaning task we can think of! Wherever we can, we source these in bulk, allowing you to refill smaller bottles and sprays, or simply to cut down on original packaging by buying in larger quantities to start with. We’ve got toilet cleaners in bulk, washing up liquid in bulk and various bulk laundry products.

Environmentally friendly household goods

We've got toiletries and household goods in bulk

Bulk toilet cleaner

Our bulk household cleaners are just one part of our environmentally friendly Household range. We stock a number of well-known environmentally friendly brands, which are moving as close as they can to fully recyclable, reusable or zero-plastic packaging. You can see our full household cleaning section here.

In addition,  we’ve got fully biodegradable bin bags of various kinds, as well as paper sandwich bags from the wonderful If You Care range.

Toiletries in bulk – and alternatives

Just like our household cleaners, we stock bulk options and refills for personal cleansing soaps, shampoos and bath products. We specifically seek out environmentally friendly toiletries, stocking many well-known planet-friendly brands.

Fill up your existing bottle from our bulk shampoo

Bulk shampoo

We’ve got products you might not particularly have thought of too, such as entirely plastic-free (cotton-based) baby and intimate care wipes, natural sanitary products, fully organic and natural cotton wool, and a great range of hard soaps.

Buying food in bulk

Our bulk stock arrives with us packed in a variety of ways, in cardboard and paper, in woven polypropylene bags, in plastic or cellophane, or in plastic-lined sacks and boxes. We have (so far) only limited control over this, although we know that our suppliers are equally keen to reduce their use of plastic.

When we pack the bulk stock down further, we use as little plastic as we can. At present, however, we still use some for certain pack sizes, to ensure freshness and a safe journey to the product’s destination. If you choose to buy in bulk from us, you can bypass this part of the packing process altogether, thus using up fewer resources, including plastic.

At Naturally Good Food, we’re continually seeking to reduce waste – especially plastic waste. We’d love to help you do the same!

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