Still chewing plastic? You need Chicza!

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All around us in the UK, people are cutting down on plastic use. They’re abandoning liquid soap and toiletries, buying hard bars of cleanser, shower gel and shampoo instead. They’re refilling trusty dispensers with household cleaners in bulk, or even making their own. They’re questioning shops, manufacturers and governments about the huge amount of plastic that pours out of our factories, into our houses, onto our streets, down our drains, into our rivers and thus to the world’s oceans. But there’s one thing that so far not many people have been talking about: the plastic some of us choose to put in our mouths. Chewing gum!

Most chewing gum now contains plastic.

Are you (literally) chewing on plastic?                      Image: Lusheeta,

Does chewing gum contain plastic?

Over the past 70 years or so, the natural rubber (derived from tree sap) originally used in chewing gum has been replaced, in commercial varieties, by synthetic rubber (a type of plastic).

You probably don’t want to chew on synthetic rubber (and you certainly won’t want to swallow it). You’re almost certainly not keen on it ending up flushed into the drains or washed into waterways, either. And that’s why we stock Chicza gum at Naturally Good Food.

Chew on Chicza!

Chew on Chicza!

We’ve got gum, chums!

Chicza is a natural chewing gum. As it says on the company’s website: ‘it comes from the earth, and returns to the earth’, being fully biodegradable. Once disposed of, it becomes dust within weeks (according to the company, it can actually improve the texture of your compost if you add it to that).

The base of Chicza gum comes from latex found in the tall chicozapote trees in the rainforests of south-east Mexico. Harvested sustainably, the sap of the trees is boiled into a thick paste, which is then stretched and texturised by hand. When they’re cooled, the solid mounds of gum bricks are melted together with natural waxes, then mixed with organic sweeteners, including agave syrup and natural flavours, and shaped into strips. Its taste aims to ‘capture the essence of fresh and wild fruits, herbs and spices’, and the strips have a great chewy consistency.

Chicza gum is produced by a co-operative which, using only their own natural resources and incorporating fair working practices, has created a 100% natural, biodegradable and certified organic product. The best quote of all comes from the company itself:

‘When you chew Chicza, you are close to the essence and spirit of the rainforest, the lungs of our planet. And you make a direct connection with people of the forest’.

We currently stock cinnamon, lime, peppermint and spearmint varieties of Chicza gum.

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