A raw food lifestyle: hints and tips

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It’s only when you follow a particular lifestyle or diet yourself that you really understand what it entails. We’re therefore pleased to present these Top 15 tips for a raw food lifestyle, drawn up by the previous general manager of NGF, Maria. For a number of years she ate a raw food diet – and would love to share some of her wisdom with all our customers!

  1. Get yourself a decent chopping board and a sharp knife. There’ll be lots of chopping!
  2. Invest in a food processor. The grating attachment will add different textures and variety to your meals. The ‘S’ blade is useful for blending things that don’t require as much water as a blender.
  3. Stock up on raw fruits a few days before you’ll be eating them, as fruits tend to be picked under-ripe.
  4. Make sure you eat only ripe, good-tasting produce. You won’t enjoy the experience if your food doesn’t taste really great.
  5. Eat larger quantities of raw foods compared with cooked foods. Raw foods are less calorie-dense, so you will need to eat more to get enough calories.
  6. Keep it simple: don’t over-complicate your meals. Use a maximum of five ingredients or fewer, as a guideline.
  7. Chew every mouthful thoroughly – digestion begins in the mouth. Never gulp down raw fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies, as they will elevate your blood sugar too quickly.
  8. When you eat more raw foods, you may start to feel the cold more. This is normal, as your body is detoxing. Just make sure you always have more clothes with you than you think you’ll need. In time, a raw food diet should make you more tolerant to temperature extremes.
  9. Build up to a raw food programme at a pace that you’re happy with. If you launch into it too quickly, you may experience mild to severe detoxification symptoms and suffer from cooked food withdrawal issues.
  10. Don’t restrict your calories in order to lose weight. Weight loss will happen naturally – and fast – in any case. If you don’t consume enough calories, you’re likely to end up falling off the wagon and binge-eating cooked carbohydrates such as bread, pasta or pizza. Success with raw foods means eating more than you think you need to eat!
  11. Find other people in your local area by advertising and hosting a ‘raw food potluck’ at your home. Tell everyone who wants to come to bring a dish – and then see who and what turns up!
  12. Kids love to create. Raw foods are attractive to the eye, as well as being extremely tasty and nutritious. Have fun making smoothies with your kids: invent special names for them! Or just arrange pieces of fruit on a plate in a picture or a funny face, to make it fun and appealing.
  13. Get yourself a ‘raw food buddy’: someone with whom you can share your experiences and provide mutual support.
  14. Read books and articles about raw foods. Reading about your new-found good habit helps to reinforce it.
  15. Find some inspiring raw food recipes and give them a go!

Interested in finding out more about raw food? See our previous blog: The Raw Food Fight.

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