It’s International Raw Food Day!

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International Raw Food Day takes place every year on July 11th. It’s the perfect summery month in which to crunch on some fresh, uncooked fruit and veg! We’ve got a number of ‘raw food’ customers, who greatly appreciate our natural, organic and wholefoods ranges – as well as our specialised raw food products. As the fruits ripen on the trees, and the vegetables swell to readiness in the earth, we’re poised to celebrate Raw Food Day every single day this month!

The what and the why

But what’s raw food anyway? And why should we celebrate it?

It’s generally defined as the following:

  • food that hasn’t been heated above 48C (117F)
  • unrefined food
  • food that has not been canned
  • food that has undergone no chemical processing.

Most of us eat some raw food every day – a bowl of salad, for instance, or some fresh fruit. However, to be a true ‘raw foodie’, it’s not enough simply to eat some food that’s raw – you’ve got to avoid ‘non-raw’ food at all times. It can be a tricky diet to follow.

Its adherents think it’s worth a little bit of effort, however. They find a raw food diet fantastic for energy, health and happiness. Once food is heated above 48C, raw foodies say, its natural enzymes and nutrients start to be destroyed. By eating food in a raw state instead, you can harness its full vitamin and mineral content.

There are those who disagree (you can follow the various arguments on our blog here: The Raw Food Fight). At Naturally Good Food, we’re inclined to celebrate the eating of raw food in moderation, at least. It’s a great way to get a wider range of fruit and vegetables into our diets – and as you crunch into a raw carrot or freshly picked apple, it’s hard not to be convinced that its sheer delicious freshness isn’t doing you a whole world of good.

Go raw for a day

This July 11th, if you haven’t already given it a go, why not try ‘going raw’ for a day? You might need some tips, of course – perhaps some recipes too, and maybe a quick browse of our raw food options. These blogs will give you everything you need!

Raw food recipes

A raw food lifestyle – hints and tips

Looking for raw food ingredients?

Heard of Karen Knowler?

If you know anything at all about raw food, you’ll have heard of Karen Knowler – and this blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning her. She’s the founder and director of and the creator of International Raw Food Day itself.

Karen has recently moved her raw food website to a new home, which promises to take this diet and lifestyle to a new level. You can find out all about this here:

Whether you’re eating raw muesli, raw salad or raw dessert – have a great, fresh day this July 11th!

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