Summer sweeties

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It’s the height of summer. You’ve got a beach novel on the go. The paddling pool has filled with leaves. The children have developed prickly heat. It’s probably not the best time to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Instead, here are some incredibly cool summer-sweetie ideas! All suggestions use one of Naturally Good Food’s great assortment of vegan, natural and organic sweets. (And all are no-bake.)

Gummy bear ice-lollies

If you haven’t already succumbed, you need to buy some ice-lolly moulds. A bottle of lemonade wouldn’t go amiss, either. Amuse your children by suspending one of our gelatine-free tutti frutti jelly bears inside a homemade lemonade lolly. It’s easier than a trip to the ice-cream shop, anyway.

Sour snakes jellies

To make this, you’ll need one of our Just Wholefoods tropical vegan jelly mixes. When making it up, drop a good handful of Biona’s super-sour snake sweets into the mix. Leave to set and enjoy on its own or with ice-cream.

Pomegranate cream pie

A no-bake cheesecake with a sweet twist: Biona’s sweet, juicy, pomegranate hearts.


150g digestive biscuits

50g butter (melted: if the sun’s hot enough, you can simply leave it in the sun to melt!)

300g cream cheese

145g icing sugar

2 tsp pomegranate juice

450ml double cream

1 tsp vanilla extract

Handful of pomegranate hearts, from Biona

Pomegranate seeds, for decorating


Crush the digestive biscuits and mix with the melted butter. Press into the base of a tin or cake case and leave in the fridge to set.

Meanwhile, mix the cream cheese with the pomegranate juice and the icing sugar in a bowl until smooth.

Whip the cream with the vanilla extract.

Add the two together, along with a handful of Pomegranate hearts.

Spread on the chilled base and return to the fridge for at least an hour.

When removed from the fridge, decorate with the pomegranate seeds.

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