So, what’s Lecigran?

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In our Superfoods section at Naturally Good Food we sell lecithin granules produced by a company called Lecigran. The granules are beautifully golden and come in a resealable tin. But what are they – and what should you do with them?

We stock Lecigran pure soy lecithin granules

Golden granules, great for health

Lecithin occurs naturally in all human, animal and vegetable cells: it’s a generic term to describe groups of fatty substances which themselves attract other fats and water. In humans, the highest concentration levels of lecithin are found in the brain, liver, kidneys and bone marrow. It circulates in the blood, keeping other fatty substances, including cholesterol, in suspension.

In a modern diet, made up of many processed and refined foods, it can be reasonably common to experience a shortage of lecithin in the diet. Taking plant-based lecithin as a supplement can help to address this.

The type of pure lecithin we sell at Naturally Good Food is obtained from non-genetically modified soya beans. This variety is a rich source of linoleic acid, which helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels. It’s  also rich in phosphatidyl choline, a nutrient that’s good for heart health and for the development of the brain.

How do you take lecithin?

It’s recommended that you take 1 tsp of these granules three times per day. You can either eat them directly from the spoon or sprinkle them onto food like cereals, soups and stews. The granules melt easily and have a rather pleasant savoury taste.

What if you’re allergic to soy?

Some people who are allergic to soy do have issues with soya lecithin. Most don’t, however, because this lecithin is derived from soybean oil, while allergies tend to occur around the soy protein.

Can you cook with them?

We don’t sell these granules primarily for cooking purposes, but they’ve got a useful role to play there too. They’re popular in vegan cooking, where they help to give a smoothness and good creamy ‘mouth feel’ to a whole range of products. Some people also add them to baked goods, where they play a role in giving a good ‘rise’.

You can check out our lecithin granules here: they’re a great superfood, however you intend to use them.

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