We’ve got citric acid in our Superfoods range

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In our Superfoods range we’ve got pure citric acid from BonPom. This is a weak organic acid – a natural preservative – found in citrus fruits.

Pure citric acid from BonPom

Citric acid from BonPom

Pure citric acid has many culinary, household and cosmetic uses. It dissolves easily into liquids, so is often used when making cordial. It brings an acidic (sour) taste to all manner of other food and drink, too. It’s also an ideal environmentally friendly cleaning agent, and helpful in softening water, as it bonds with other minerals. If your soap or laundry liquids aren’t working as well as they should, you may find they’re more effective when combined with a squirt of citric acid.

Within our bodies, citric acid has an important role to play. According to BonPom, this acid helps us to digest ‘chelated’ minerals better. Chelated minerals are minerals that have been combined chemically with amino acids to form ‘complexes’ – they’re often provided as dietary supplements. BonPom claim, for example, that calcium supplements that come in the form of calcium citrate are better absorbed by the body, thanks to the addition of citric acid.

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

One of the best-known uses of citric acid is in making elderflower cordial. Here’s BonPom’s own recipe for this wonderfully refreshing, summery drink.


1. Shake the elderflowers to expel any lingering insects, and then place in a large bowl.
2. Put the sugar into a pan with the water and bring up to the boil, stirring until the sugar has completely dissolved.
3. While the sugar syrup is heating, pare the zest of the lemons off in wide strips and toss into the bowl with the elderflowers. Slice the lemons, discard the ends, and add the slices to the bowl. Pour over the boiling syrup, and then stir in the citric acid. Cover with a cloth and then leave at room temperature for 24 hours.
4. Next day, strain the cordial through a sieve lined with muslin (or a new j-cloth rinsed out in boiling water), and pour into thoroughly cleaned glass or plastic bottles. Screw on the lids and keep in a cool dark place.
To drink, dilute a small amount of cordial with still or sparkling water, enjoy!

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