Got that back-to-school feeling? Harness it!

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For the right kind of person, September is one of the best months of the year. Memories of hot summer days are fresh in the mind, but there’s a bit of a welcome nip in the air in the mornings, too. The fruit bushes keep on putting out berries, but their leaves are beginning – ever so slightly – to droop. It’s back-to-school time: a time for shaking the summer dust off our feet and springing into action again. It’s time to make plans and to take stock – and in general, to stock up for the autumn and winter ahead.

So forget New Year, when you’ve barely recovered from Christmas and everything’s dark and dreary:  September’s the very best time of year for making – and keeping – resolutions and for sticking to new regimes. September’s the real time to make a change: to improve your diet and push your lazy summer-bones into action again.

At Naturally Good Food we’re all in favour of harnessing that back-to-school feeling! We’ve got three suggestions for how to do so.

Eat wholefoods

If you’re looking to improve your diet in any way, then eating wholefoods is the place to start. As their name suggests, wholefoods give you the ‘whole’ of the food, with their nutritious elements intact (rather than stripped down, as they are in processed food). Wholefoods are packed with nutrition – rich in vitamins and minerals. They’re full of fibre and provide essential slow-releasing energy.

Wholefoods are the building blocks of healthy eating and, like most building blocks, aren’t generally expensive. They’re great as a base for meals: try basmati brown rice, for instance, or wholewheat pasta (we recommend starting with wholewheat spaghetti, where the strands, being thin, taste very similar to white spaghetti and are equally easy to digest, while giving you significantly more fibre). If you know that you should really be eating more pulses, take a look at our comprehensive range of beans, lentils and chickpeas here and work out how you can incorporate them more fully into your diet.

Autumn tends to bring out the inner squirrel in many of us, keen to stock our cupboards with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. This is great news healthwise: very few of us eat as many nuts and seeds as we should. Indulge your enthusiasm by browsing our great selection of nuts, seeds and dried fruit, for both munching and for cooking.

It’s also a great time of year to purchase one of our cold-pressed oils, full of the rich fat of these same nuts, seeds and grains. Cheap, bad oils add nothing to your cooking but fat: cold-pressed high-quality oils, on the other hand, lift your dishes to a whole new level.

You can see all our wholefoods here.

Eat organic


Perhaps you already eat a good range of wholefoods – but haven’t yet made the jump into buying organic wherever possible? We’re one of the UK’s leading online retailers and we believe firmly in the benefits of organic food. Not only do our organic products simply taste better (invariably) than their non-organic counterparts, but they are, according to the Soil Association, richer nutritionally too. That makes sense to us: they’re grown in fertile soil that’s full of organic matter and devoid of harmful pesticides. The dairy by-products you’ll find in some of our organic products, meanwhile, come from truly free-range, happy and healthy animals. The organic system protects our planet: our soil, our atmosphere, our waterways, our delicate ecosystems in every hedge, field edge, bank and pond – and our own human health.

You can see all our organic products here, including organic toiletries and household goods.

Buy in bulk


If you’re buying wholefoods, and buying organic, then the very best and cheapest way to do so is to buy in bulk. Once you’ve got into the swing of eating a proper wholefood diet, a 500g pack of lentils or grain won’t last you long. Save on unnecessary packaging and transportation costs – and save yourself a load of money too – by stocking up on wholefood essentials in bulk.

At Naturally Good Food we sell products in large family-size packs (around 1kg-2kg), mid-bulk sizes (generally up to 5kg) and proper bulk sacks and boxes (ranging from 10kg to 25kg or 25 litres). If you’ve got somewhere to store the products, then buying in bulk helps to set your new diet in stone. You’ll never run out of a key wholefood ingredient, when you’ve got sacks and large packs of everything you need, ready and waiting.

See our full bulk range here.

Back in the saddle again?

If you’ve successfully harnessed that back-to-school feeling, then Naturally Good Food is with you all the way…..right up to the end of term!

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