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Organic is everyday: that’s one of the main messages of this year’s Organic September, organised by the Soil Association. They’re shouting out loud: organic isn’t something just for best – for luxuries, for festivals and for feast days – it’s something that can fit perfectly into everyday life. Organic is for everyone and for every single day!

Naturally Good Food and everyday organic

At Naturally Good Food we’ve got a great range of everyday organic food, household and toiletry products. We’ve been selling organic products every day for years and years now. We have hundreds of customers who eat organic every day, wash their clothes, houses and bodies using organic products every day and who support the aims of organic farming – every single day.

You can see all our organic foodstuffs here. For organic toiletries, click here and for organic household products, click here. For us, organic is a way of life and something that can easily form part of everyday life. We can sell you what you need to make your diet and your daily household routine properly organic. From breakfast right through to late-night snacks, we have all the organic foods and raw ingredients to make an everyday organic lifestyle easy.

What is organic?

This Organic September, the first question the Soil Association will be asking (and answering) is the most basic one of all. What is organic? The Association is aiming to remove misconceptions, demystify the idea of ‘organic’ and help people understand why they should choose organic in the first place. To follow what they’re doing throughout this month, visit their website here.

Meanwhile, here’s Naturally Good Food’s own take on the whole ‘organic thing’.

What’s organic?

In short, organic means natural. Organic ingredients are grown naturally, without the use of synthetic or petroleum-based pesticides and fertilisers. Organic ingredients are processed without the addition of unnatural flavourings, preservatives, colourings or other additives.

Organic farming respects and supports the environment. It puts the health of the soil, of the surrounding countryside and of local waterways at the heart of all its processes. Organic farming works for and with nature: not against it.

It’s not just crops. Organic livestock have the best and most natural lives possible. Their welfare is paramount, from birth, through to transportation and the end of their lives. Organic livestock are never routinely injected with antibiotics, helping to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance.

At NGF, we’re firm believers that as a result of this natural management, organic tastes (approximately) a million times better and is (roughly) a million times better for you! Keep an eye out for the rest of our blogs this month: this September, we’ll be exploring differences in taste and nutrition between organic and non-organic products.

Organic is certified

And how can you be sure it’s organic? The final strand of this year’s Organic September message from the Soil Association aims to set our minds at rest. It emphasises the fact that organic food is carefully controlled, worldwide. In the UK, the certifying body for organic products is the Soil Association itself.

At Naturally Good Food, we hold an organic packer’s licence from the Soil Association: we’re trained in the handling of organic food and ensure that everything packed by us as organic fits that description. We have annual audits and inspections from the Association to make sure everything is working as it should be.

If you’re buying organic from NGF, you can be absolutely sure that you’re receiving organic. Every single time.

Organic is a special day, too!

Organic is for everyday – but do put a ring around one special day in your diary this year. Saturday September 15th is the day on which various retailers are making special offers on their organic produce.

Organic September – are you joining us?

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