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NGF is the brand-name of Naturally Good Food – and it’s available only from Naturally Good Food. Under the NGF label, you’ll find nuts, grains and dried fruit, as well as pulses, seeds, superfood powders, sugar, salt and a variety of other wholefood and organic ingredients.

The NGF brand is honest and simple

NGF: this is what it stands for

We’re very proud of our NGF brand, which remains firmly at the heart of our business. It’s a collection of the finest quality products, labelled in a clear and simple fashion. In our understated brown paper and transparent cellophane bags, it gives you just what you need for the very best diet.

We pack the NGF label products ourselves (for our organic goods, we have a packer’s licence from the Soil Association). The bulk stock, which is also available for purchase, comes from our wholesalers (Infinity Foods, Queenswood Foods, Community Foods and Supernutrients). In our building on the banks of the River Avon, we pack the bulk into the sizes required by our customers. NGF products are thus identical to those sold in bulk – and the same as those found in our wholesalers’ own-brand labelled bags.

NGF isn’t some supermarket cheap-and-cheerful ‘value’ range. It’s exactly the same stuff sold under other labels – just in different sizes. We don’t sell anything but the best at Naturally Good Food!

NGF wholefoods

Wholefoods were where NGF started off, all those years ago, and it’s still the backbone of our business. We believe that wholefoods are the best for a healthy diet, allowing you to eat the whole of the food, with its wealth of vitamins and minerals. We pack as many wholefoods as we can under our own label, in as many sizes as possible. Here’s a quick overview of the kind of thing you’ll find in NGF wholefoods:

NGF mixes

Using the bulk stock from our wholesalers, we produce a few mixes ourselves. Our most popular are dried mixed fruit (organic sultanas, currants and raisins), organic mixed nuts (walnut halves, Brazils, almonds and hazelnuts) and organic mixed peel (lemon and orange). We don’t have a ‘secret recipe’ for these, although we do use our own specific ratios of ingredients. Perfect for Christmas, we sell a steady stream of our NGF mixes at other times of the year too.

NGF organic

Wherever possible, we encourage our customers to buy organic. We’re authorised by the Soil Association to pack our own organic produce and do so enthusiastically, advocating organic for the sake of taste, nutrition and the benefits it brings to the environment.

Almost all our products are available in organic form: where they’re not available, it’s because our wholesalers don’t provide them in that form (or because, like salt, it’s not possible to classify them as organic). You can see whether an NGF product is organic by looking at the description below the picture or by using the left-hand checkboxes to narrow down your search.

NGF non-organic

We also stock non-organic products. Some customers are looking purely for the product itself and its precise status isn’t relevant. Some need a cheaper option. Some products aren’t available in organic form. We therefore stock a great range of non-organic wholefoods and superfoods too.

NGF bulk

We always encourage our customers to buy in bulk wherever possible. It’s the cheapest way to buy our products and the most efficient. It brings real benefits in terms of environmental impact, in areas such as transportation, processing and packaging. Our full NGF range runs from the tiny (250g bags of sesame seeds, for instance) up to the vast (huge drums of coconut oil and bulk sacks of oats). If you’ve got the storage space, buying in bulk makes the most sense.

NGF superfoods and superfood powders

Our ‘superfoods’ are grouped together in one category. These are foods that bring very particular and intense health benefits. In this category, you’ll find products like cacao butter in chunks, cacao nibs and goji berries.

A new departure for us is our range of superfood powders, some designed specifically for sports performance, others simply good supplements for everyone in the family. In this range, we’ve got things like chlorella, spirulina, maca, cacao, acai and hemp powders – to name just a few!

NGF additional ingredients

Some of our ingredients and products are hard to classify under a single heading. These additional ingredients are among our very bestselling lines. Is there anything here you’re looking for?

NGF deep-green

We pride ourselves on being a deep-green company. We’re based in an eco-building in rural farmland, on the banks of the river Avon in Warwickshire. We’ve got ground-source heating, bio-digesters for toilet and other waste and solar panels for energy-generation.

Our packaging is simple and not wasteful. We’re steadily working towards even greener packaging solutions, too (for full information, see our blog NGF packaging: a note about plastics[LINK]).

NGF: the future

We’re adding to our NGF brand all the time, as we find out what our customers most need. If you spot something missing from our range, please let us know.

NGF: honest and simple

NGF is an honest and simple brand. We’re not interested in fancy packaging and ambitious marketing techniques. NGF is for people who already know what they need for good health and for the best diets. If you understand good health – and want the best without the hype or the cost –shop NGF with us!

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