When organic really matters

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Naturally Good Food sells organic: organic nuts, organic seeds, organic dried fruit, organic grains, organic pulses, organic toiletries, organic oils, organic cotton wool balls – if it’s an organic storecupboard essential, we stock it if we possibly can!

There are a whole host of good reasons for buying (and eating) organic. Taste. To avoid genetically modified ingredients. Nutrition. Animal welfare. The state of the soil. To protect wildlife. To avoid antibiotics. And many others…. Each of our customers has their own reason for choosing organic,  and we try to cater to all of them. In doing so, we’ve become real experts in organic products. We know just why someone might want to choose a particular product in an organic variety. We know which ones work really well and taste the best. We know, in short, when organic really matters.

Here are a few examples.

Organic almonds

Organic almonds taste markedly different to non-organic almonds. They’ve often got quite a different ‘crunch’ as well, which is dependent entirely on the individual crop. Non-organic almonds can often be a bit of a tooth-breaker to crack into; organic almonds shouldn’t be soft and mushy, but their skins are frequently more delicate.

Their taste is much more gentle too, and milkier. With an organic almond, you don’t get an overwhelming ‘almond extract’ type flavour. Instead, there’s a subtle depth of flavour, rather than an immediate almond ‘hit’.

Our organic almonds come from Spain. They’re unpasteurised and are grown in an environmentally sustainable fashion, rather than in a harmful monoculture. Almond-farming is a contentious issue in various parts of the world (especially the USA), due to its impact on bee species and water availability. However, we’ve yet to see any bad press for the much less intensive business of organic almond-farming.

Organic apricots

Organic apricots are dried without the use of sulphur. We’ve become accustomed to apricots that are bright orange in colour – but in fact, dried naturally, an apricot is a deeper and much darker colour. The flavour is unsurpassable: rich, dark and intense. You’ll never look back!

Organic pecans (and other thin-skinned nuts)

Pesticides can easily penetrate thin-skinned nuts, so if you’re eating pecans (or similar nuts), choosing organic makes sense. Organic pecans taste wonderful too – see our blog A tale of two pecans, in which we pit an organic against a non-organic pecan (and demolish a bit of Dickens in the process).

Baby toiletries

When you’ve got a new baby, you want to save the world. Green People’s organic babycare range is a good start! Its products are amazingly gentle on your baby’s skin and hair – and don’t cause harmful environmental effects when you wash them down the drain. For just a little longer, they let you keep everything around you just as perfect as your newborn.


Our organic coffee is fantastic (visitors often comment on it!). Not only does it taste great, with a complexity of flavour – more than a little chocolatey, in my opinion – it’s great in environmental terms, too. Non-organic coffee is reportedly the third-most sprayed crop in the world; with organic coffee, you know you’re avoiding harmful pesticide residue and keeping this out of the world’s soils and waterways too.

Tinned tomatoes

Foolish people claim there’s no difference between bog-standard tinned tomatoes and any others. You only have to look in a tin to realise this isn’t true. One’s a thin, insipid, watery slop. Another is a vibrant, thick mass of colour and rich taste. Non-organic tomatoes have scored worryingly highly in pesticide residue tests in the past. With organic tomatoes, you can eat the skin, the pulp and the full fruit without any concerns.

Anything containing milk and eggs

We don’t sell fresh dairy products at Naturally Good Food, but some of our processed organic food contains milk and eggs. By buying food containing organic dairy products, you can be sure you’re contributing to the highest levels of animal welfare. Organic animals are truly free-range, aren’t fed with GM feed and don’t have antibiotics routinely pumped into them.


It’s reckoned that around 90% of corn available today is genetically modified. If that concerns you, it’s time to reach for organic popcorn, which we sell in bulk and in smaller packs, and which is entirely natural.

When organic really matters

These products are just a tiny part of our range: all our customers have their own favourites. We’ve got people who swear by organic cashews – people who’d never go back to ‘normal’ dried fruit, after trying out our organic raisins, currants and sultanas – and people who buy monthly from our organic skincare ranges. Organic really matters to us. If it really matters to you, too, check out our full organic selection at Naturally Good Food!

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